East Flatbush Community Survey

I recently moved to East Flatbush last year. East Flatbush is located in Brooklyn and is district 45 which is represented by Jumaane D. Williams. My neighborhood is made up of mostly West Indians such as Jamaicans, Haitians, Grenadians, Guyanese, and Trinidadians. This neighborhood is very populated due to the many diverse shops, West Indian bakeries/restaurants, and supermarkets. East Flatbush is full of diverse bakeries influenced by the many different cultures of people that resides here. This area is composed of mostly multifamily dwellings that are somewhat old but are not damaged. There are parks located nears some schools and Prospect park is relatively close by. Based on my findings I can say that this neighborhood is lacking in many ways. Unemployment is the biggest issue East Flatbush faces. Everyday I see many homeless people hanging out in front of stores and some seem to show signs o mental illness. Overtime you can see new homeless people appear due to the recession. Violence is another issue East Flatbush Faces. Crime tends to go up in this area during the Labor Day weekend because of the many people that visits to enjoy the annual West Indies Labor Day Parade that takes place along Eastern Parkway. I have not collected enough data to accurately establish that there are gangs or gang related activities occurring. Poor housing is another issue this neighborhood faces. Some dwellings are old or rundown and are in need of repairs due to vacancy or fire damage. Health problems may be an issue that exist due to the lack of insurance because of unemployment. This is a problem that may be difficult to address but not impossible, government reform can help with this universal issue. Free clinics and free community programs  are available within my neighborhood but most people are not educated on how to attain these free services. Easily attained information is the first step to help those seeking out free clinics and programs that can help those with illnesses get the right care they need and deserve. Although there are many issues that needs to be resolved within my community, I can honestly say that this is a very active and great neighborhood to live in because of the different cultures, food, and music readily available and the calm quiet nights.

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  1. aphilip91 says:

    I definitely agree with the comment about labor day weekend. There are more car accidents and traffic, and the parade can never be incident free. Someone always ends up losing their life. It’s really sad that the parade is tainted that way.

  2. htrotman08 says:

    The Department of health has a clinic downtown on Flatbush avenue past LIU and its free. Maybe you can put flyers up informing the residents.You con google it to get the address and phone number. Also Lutheran Hospital has a clinic at 3414 Church Avenue that services the community. There is a sliding fee scale for people with no health insurance. The telephone number is (718) 630-2197.

  3. Yes i think labor day is not even about celebration anymore because each year more and more people die. It`s really tragic .

  4. phadimird says:

    I feel violence is an issue, but over time I have watched the crime rate in this neighborhood decrease. I remember several deaths on the news daily while growing up in this area. As i grew up, i feel it got more safe. Labor Day is a completely different issue. It reflects more than East Flatbush. I don’t think it should be included in the statistic

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