My Community Survey Report

         My community project is based upon Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY 11225. Over the many years i have witness a lot of industrialization take place. Many apartment building have become condominiums; while, public landmarks have been modified such as the Brooklyn public library and The Brooklyn Museum.  Crown Heights has also become very diverse in the past few years.  One can find people who speak many different languages and attend different places of worship. There is a high accessibility to public transportation in Crown Heights. This area of Brooklyn is on the rise and is definitely a sight to see.

         Crown Heights has a lot of great aspects; however, it also has a lot of issues that take place within the community.  Violence is one of the main problems that take place in Crown Heights. Just this month at the West Indian day parade of 2011 five people were shot. According to The New York Times “three were fatally shot and two cops were wounded”.  This was a day for the community to gather and show pride for their native counties; whereas, it ended with mortalities. Another Problem with in the community is illegal drugs.  According to eyewitness news also known as WABC police busted stores for selling over the counter marijuana. There should be statistics online showing the rate of violence as well as drug abuse not only in all of the boroughs of New York, but the communities within those boroughs.

         The violence and drug abuse in Crown Heights can be improved and easily addressed.  A community health nurse can help with both tribulations, for she or he can help educate individuals on alternatives to not only drugs but violence too. One facility that helps with drug abuse is Operation Survival A Div. Crown Heights Youth Collective is a facility that keeps youth off the street and out of violent situations.  Both of these services could benefit Crown Heights, for safety and health of all citizens could change for the better. Crown Height’s is a great place to live despite the problems in the community. Every community has its faults and these just so happen to be that for Crown Heights, so I am proud to say I was born and raised in a little place Known as Crown Heights Brooklyn.

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  1. htrotman08 says:

    My community is Rosedale, Queens. The neighborhood has become over populated in the past 10 years. It was primarily single family homes but as a result of the housing boom a lot of those homes were replaced with 2-4 family dwellings. This has resulted in a transient community within the original community as the owners try to fill vacant apartments. this has led to an increase in crime and gang activity. the schools are overcrowded as is mass transit and parking on the street has become difficult. There is a little area with a few stores and loitering is a big problem. The library has had to cut hours and let some staff go as a result of the economic crisis. I haven’t seen much evidence of teenage pregnancy. There is a block association that holds monthly meetings but membership is low. We need some free programs to keep the young people occupied while learning.

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