Sunset Park Community Survey

Sunset Park is a Neighnorhood in the western section of the New York City Borough of Brooklyn. It is bounded by Greenwood Heights to the north, Borough Park to the east, Bay Ridge to the south, and Upper New York Bay to the west. Sunset Park was named in 1965 for the 25 acre park built in the 1890’s which overlooks the neighborhood. From the turn of the century through the 1960s ships from all countries sailed into New York
Harbor and lined up for berthing space at one of the many handsome finger piers that dotted Sunset Park’s shoreline. Sunset Park, encumbered by crime and poverty in the 1980’s, has been on the mounting track for a dozen years. Sunset Park may be one of Brooklyn’s most assorted neighborhoods.

Here you’ll find fascinating brownstones, a prospering Latin American culture, Brooklyn’s prime Chinese community, and a recent incursion of young New Yorkers in search of inexpensive rents. Other ethnic groups that abound are Hispanics from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic as well as Central and South Americans. There are also large numbers of Finns, Norwegians, Italians, Irish, Orthodox Jews, Muslims as well as others. There are lots of Chinese and Latin American restaurants, Laundromats, and 99c stores.

Sunset Park has the best medical facilities in the form of Lutheran hospital and its small medical clinics spread all over in the community. Maimonides medical center is another renowned health care facility. There are several dental, orthodontic clinics and pharmacies.  Sunset Park also has a very active and highly responsive police department and fire department. There is a very well-developed transportation system, and the bus stops and subways are highly accessible.

Due to the influx of abundant immigrants, language barrier has become an issue. It’s hard for people to communicate in English. Although there are many English language centers, but the problem still prevails. This problem takes a peak when the immigrants go to health care centers and cannot get translators to translate for them. For this reason medical and health care centers should hire nurses from different ethnic backgrounds, to provide better medical care to their immigrant patients.

Many young children and adults are suffering from obesity. Fast food chains are very popular in Sunset Park as they are in other communities of New York. Sunset Park has the highest rate of child obesity and diabetes. In health care and medical facilities nurses can help in the awareness of obesity. They can teach obese patients about the proper nutrition, exercise regime, and precaution for those who are proceeding towards obese life style.

The unemployment rate in Sunset Park is 8.25%. Number of people is lower class in this community. Even though the income level is low but still the crime rate has strikingly slowed down. According to Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s report in past 20 years there is a 77.44% decline in overall crime, with the numbers being 5386 in 1990 and 1,161 in 2009.

In conclusion, I would very much like to live here if I will have to for the rest of my life due to the accessibility of everything without having to go some where else.




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