Bensonhurst, Brooklyn-Community Survey.

Bensonhurst, also called Brooklyn’s “Little Italy”, is a neighborhood located in Brooklyn. It is a mixed ethnicity family neighborhood where the most dominant are Italians. Bensonhurst is a middle-class neighborhood, but the rents are high. Most of the houses are reconstructed, brick structured with iron fences on the front and vegetable gardens in the rear. It is a good neighborhood to consider, because there are a lot of train and bus stations in a short difference of length. According to “11204 demographics”, the median age of people varies from 35 to 39 years old, mostly white females. Nowadays there are several other cultures that have been moving in as well. Bensonhurst is pretty quiet neighborhood during the day, but it is not safe for a woman who walks alone in the dark. She would be a victim of gangs.

The community health nurse should adress the problem of pollution, in order to promote the spread of infection. The major problem of Bensonhurst, is sanitation. The streets have an noxious odor, especially during the summer and the garbage cans “stay” overfilled for a long time. This happens because of a massive increase of population, during the last few years. Another problem that people are concerned about, is the presence of numerous gas-stations and dry cleaning facilities. These hazard may cause an increase of a toxic air. This is a result of an increase in population as well. The community health nurse should speak to the residents, convincing them to keep the neighborhood clean. She should teach them how infection spreads out. This is in the interest of everyone, for living a healthy life in a clean neighborhood.

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  1. Natalie Granados says:

    Arbiana, about the problem with the garbage staying out too long, maybe it would be a good idea for the nurse to speak with the Sanitation Department about the possibility of increasing the amount of times the sanitation trucks come by to pick up the garbage. When doing this, the nurse should bring evidence to back up her argument.

  2. mingjiegong says:

    I do know a little Italy in manhattan, but never expect another little Italy in Brooklyn. As what I know “iron fences on the front and vegetable gardens in the rear” is more American dream house. I believe that this is a one of more comfortable and worthy living communities in Brookly.

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