Bay Ridge – Community Survey Report

After I had spent the day walking around and exploring my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, I had realized what a nice neighborhood Bay Ridge is. It is a very calm and quiet area where I’m pretty sure people enjoy living. Although Bay Ridge is a very tranquil area, there are also many things that can be done to improve it. What I think is a main problem in Bay Ridge is the local traffic. Fifth Avenue is one of the major commuting routes and I must say it is a hassle to drive in. Not only is driving in Bay Ridge a bother, but parking is also another problem. If you decide to drive anywhere in Bay Ridge, be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes looking for parking. You will end up having to park blocks and blocks away from where your destination is actually located. The subject of driving and cars also leads to the subject of pollution. One of the main ways of commuting around Bay Ridge is driving. The amount of cars and buses being driven contributes to the increase of pollution in this area which happens to make living in Bay Ridge a bit unpleasant.

Bay Ridge is a very diverse area. There are people from ethnicities all over the world. There are people of Irish, Polish, Greek, Middle Eastern, Hispanic descent who either do not know any English or very little English. If a nurse decides to work in Bay Ridge and only speaks English, this composes a small problem because the nurse will not be able to communicate with the client as well as could be.

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