Ruvin Yusupov Homework #1

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
Flat Iron Building, 2011

What type of photograph is it?


This photograph is an artistic photograph, because it clearly shows the people around NYC’s Iron Fold Building.


What can you tell (or guess) about the photographer’s intention?


I guess that the photo shows that the people of New York make the city so great not the buildings that can be found there.


What emphasis has the photographer created and how has that been done?


The photographer creates emphasis on the people by using selective focus on them.


Do technical matters help or hinder the image?


Technical matters help the photo because the photo is of everything not anything specific amongst the crowd that is there.


Are graphic elements important, such as tone, line, or perspective?


Yes they are important; the first thing I saw was the perspective that is made from the Iron Fold building.


What else does the photographer reveal besides what is immediately evident?


He reveals the cultural diversity of New York City.


What emotional or physical impact does the photograph have?


This photo makes your eyes widen with the deep perspective and then it brings you back with selective focus on the people.


How does this photograph relate to others made by the same photographer, in the same period, or of the same subject matter?


This photographer takes photos of New York’s greatest views from all over and this is another that captures the Flat Iron Building.

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  1. You clearly describe what makes this photograph interesting which is the deep but out of focus space indicated by the buildings and the sharp small people in the foreground.

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