Final Evaluation – Joanna Motyl

I have learned a lot in this class, for sure how to take pictures better. Before I would just point and shoot and now I look whats in the picture, as for the background and other objects in the
photograph. I have also learned about the main focus on the picture, how it should look and for it not to be to much. Also the negative space in pictures that it makes photos look interesting and good. But I have also learned a lot from our class works, about the motion in the photographs and portraits, and how to make an object fit in the image. This course will help me in my career development because when I will be creating an design I know more about photographs and how its supposed to look good to make a great design. To improve this course it could be maybe also some pictures in the dark, like all our homeworks were during day light and I think it could have been interesting if they were done at evening-night time. Otherwise, this was a great class.

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