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Final Evaluation – Joanna Motyl

I have learned a lot in this class, for sure how to take pictures better. Before I would just point and shoot and now I look whats in the picture, as for the background and other objects in the
photograph. I have also learned about the main focus on the picture, how it should look and for it not to be to much. Also the negative space in pictures that it makes photos look interesting and good. But I have also learned a lot from our class works, about the motion in the photographs and portraits, and how to make an object fit in the image. This course will help me in my career development because when I will be creating an design I know more about photographs and how its supposed to look good to make a great design. To improve this course it could be maybe also some pictures in the dark, like all our homeworks were during day light and I think it could have been interesting if they were done at evening-night time. Otherwise, this was a great class.

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Learning Log – Final Project

My partner commented that when you zoom in very close, the focus is nice and it doesn’t look like its a fallen tree on a sidewalk.

For next week, I wanted to go to Manhattan to take my pictures, I don’t know the name of the street or what its called, but I wanted to take pictures of those three big red balls that are on water. They could make an interesting images and different. It would be from different angels, closer and farther away, which would make the image look different.

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Learning Log 6

The trip to the Greenwood Cemetery was a new experience, I have never went to a cemetery to take pictures so it was something new. It’s nice to know that I was able to take happy pictures when a cemetery is usually known for a sad and depressing place.

I like this picture because it’s a piece of a grave, and how it’s two colors and has leafs and grass designed on it, its just different and very interesting image.
If I didn’t know this picture was taken in a cemetery, I would have never guessed it’s a piece of a grave. It could pass by something else.

The trip was great.

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Learning Log 5

1. What are important factors to consider when shooting a portrait?

To focus on the face, mostly the eyes.

2. What is the difference between broad and short lighting?

Broad lighting is when the near side of the head and face is light but leaves the far side of the face in a shadow.

Short lighting is the full face in and leaves the near side of the head in the shadow.

3. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of the main light?

The main light is the light that hits from a 45 degree angle.

4. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of the fill light?

The fill light is to help the light bounce on the person, so theres no broad light, but the whole face is with light and doesn’t have shadow.

5. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of the background light?

The background light gives more light to the background behind the person. Making the picture stand out more with a lighter background.


I like this picture because its unexpected and she’s ┬ásmiling which shows shes happy.

The background is nice white with a little shadows of grey in the right side background, which kinda creates a halo around her.

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Learning log 4.

The trip to the Historical Brooklyn Library, was interesting. The library was a lot different than other libraries I have attended. It’s a lot more strict than other libraries, and it has a lot of interesting old and antique books and maps. etc.

We looked at a very interesting daquerreotype, which was very old from 1975.
It was a image of a young girl who looked very serious, and is not smiling.
The other side of the frame has a flower print on it, its on a martial and its very nice and interesting.

I had a good experience at the Library, it was definitely worth going to.

The experience of looking and taking photographs have changed a little, when i take photos its usually just to take a picture of something see if it looks good and if it doesn’t than retake the picture. But I have learned that I can take a picture that’s close up of an object with a blurry background or other interesting pictures with other use of day light or lamp light.

I hope to learn new things about photography along this semester, which Im sure are gonna be great and exciting and new to me. Looking forward to it.


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Learning Log 3

From the trip to the botanic garden, this is my best picture. Its a beautiful flower.
All the focus is on the flower, its shows its curves and colors very good. The background is blurry and there’s no attention to it as much as to the flower, its the main focus.


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Learning log 2

I really like this picture, Im not sure if its my best but there’s something about this picture that makes me smile and think its wonderful.
The picture has some upper negative space as with frame cropping, theres a little bit of more light on the left of the sunflower.

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Learning log 1

The picture I like the best that I took was the one with a lot of black background and a small part of the chair. I think this picture is successful because it looks good and it has negative space in it.

Also its eye catching, it has all this black background and at a corner a small chair thats grey. It’s interesting.

Today in class I have learned a lot, I have learned about viewpoint, space and perspective, line,  balance and lighting. It was an interesting experience.

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