Teaching Strategy Tip #23

Anticipate the next session’s topic

Strategy: At the end of a class session early in the semester, the instructor informs the students that they will be asked to write, at the beginning of the next session, responses to questions regarding understanding and agreement.

Process: At the beginning of a class session, students are asked to write two entries on index cards or sheets of paper:

  • Question 1: Something they did not understand in the reading
  • Question 2: Something they disagreed with in the reading

Source: http://fc.short.cm/AnticipateTheNextSessionsTopic

Option: Students, working in groups of four, share their responses to Question 1. If possible, someone in the group explains the matter that the student did not understand.

  • If no one can explain it, the instructor may review the material, first asking questions to connect the topic to topics previously covered.
  • The instructor can direct students to the pages where the matter is covered in the textbook and note that a question regarding the material will be on the next test or included in the next assignment.

Option: Selected points are reviewed in lecture.

Option: Discussion in groups on areas of disagreement (Question 2).

  • Questions are to be formulated by the group to share with the whole class.

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