Reviving EXP for Fall 2020!

So…. welcome back?

We definitely dropped off the face of the earth after the shutdown. It was a weird time – it’s still weird, tbh – but the shock is wearing off. If you’re not ready to think about clubs yet, that’s okay. But if a creative push sounds like what you need right now, come hang with us tomorrow (9/17) at 1 PM over Discord. We’re going 100% online and trying something new.

Every 2 weeks, we’ll announce a new art form (ex. videography, games, interactive art), team role (sound designer, environment artist), or app – then challenge you to make a quick project on it. These will always come with instructions or YouTube tutorials, so you won’t need any experience. Then, the next time we meet, we’ll showcase what people came up with + talk about what it was like before moving onto another one.

Since this is our 1st meeting of the semester, it’ll mostly be an introduction. You’ll get to know the software we use, ask us questions & let us know what you want to see happen.

Also, please feel free to come + go as much as you need to!! No one is getting left behind or kicked out if they miss a meeting. The whole idea is to go at your own pace, but still have a place to connect if you want it. Take your time, ask for help in #technical if you need it, and don’t stress yourself. :)

Discord invite link:
Thursdays @ 1PM

Author: Ekemini Nkanta

Immersive artist, VR dev, web designer, and writer/poet from NYC. Collab with me? :)

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