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Here you’ll find some cool opportunities for MTEC students. If any of these stand out to you, your best shot is to research the company/organization, read over their requirements, & pitch how you could make their team better (or why you deserve to win their scholarship). Why do you feel drawn to them? What makes you different from other applicants?

We’ll try to keep this page up to date, but leave a comment below if you find something we should add :)

NYC Jobs/Internships

HUSH – Creative Tech Intern or Design Intern

Magnetic – Intern: Creative, Insights & Strategy, or Production

Moment Factory – Intern (check out their work and experiments)

RaiseApprentice Software Engineer
*Full-time, paid, and no professional experience required.

ARTECHOUSE – Visitor Experience Representative

Eyebeam – Intern: Creative Technology, Media, or Communications

Brooklyn Game LabInstructor


HackNYBecome a Fellow

Xandr (previously known as AppNexus) – Engineering Intern

Elite EducationTeaching Assistant
*You’ll receive training beforehand! No expertise necessary.


**City Tech Scholarships – Different from the ones you’re considered for automatically. Easy GPA requirements, some are for certain majors/ethnicities, and only a few require a written statement or a rec letter. (You have a better chance applying locally vs. competing with the rest of the country.) See what’s available here and here. (January 2 for Spring, August 7 for Fall)

*The Academy of Art University compiled a huge (50+) list of nationwide scholarships due throughout 2020. These aren’t exclusive to their students! Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Computer Science and Computer Engineering Scholarship (4/1)

Creative Safety Supply Scholarship (7/15)

Straight North STEM Scholarship (8/1)

Influenster Women in STEM Scholarship (11/22)

Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship (12/15)

Revpart STEM Scholarship (12/31)

Earnest Scholarship (12/31)

Girls in STEM (GIS) Scholarship (12/31)

Bluepay STEM Scholarship (12/31)

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