Challenge #1: Augmented reality!

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Apple augmented reality art tours to take place in six major citiesCharacter on trading cardAd taken over by editing or augmented reality

AR (augmented reality) basically takes digital objects and places them in the real world. This used to be way out of reach for just anyone to do, but now free apps can make it happen in 5 mins or less.

So, this is where you come in. Make a photo come to life, throw graffiti on your wall, augment a book cover, hijack an advertisement/poster somewhere, or just place a character in your room. (Maybe throw a backdrop behind them + add some clouds/props until you have a scene.) The best ones will get featured here on OpenLab + on Instagram :)

iOS: Adobe Aero
Get it on the App Store: Link

Adobe Aero for Beginners
Getting Started with AR in Adobe Aero

Android: I just realized Aero isn’t on the Play Store (Adobe whyyy) but I found another app called ARize.
Hopefully that works, but let me know if it doesn’t!!

Download it on Google Play: Link

Introduction to ARize
ARize Walkthrough, start to finish

Author: Ekemini Nkanta

Immersive artist, VR dev, web designer, and writer/poet from NYC. Collab with me? :)

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