Wanna learn how to create with technology?

Meet us at 1pm on Thursdays on Discord.

At EXP Club, we design, create & playtest video games, interactive art, virtual worlds, VR/AR experiences, 3D models, and all things creative tech. No experience? No problem :) You’ll have access to workshops, tutorials, and 1-on-1 help so you can learn as you go.

Thursdays @ 1-2pm
Room V-314

*For Fall 2020, we came up with some quick solo projects so everyone could try new things at their own pace. These “challenges” took place every 2 weeks and came with inspiration, tutorials + download links to get started. Check out all of those here.


Explore a variety of software, art forms, team roles and coding languages.


Team up with other students to make your ideas a reality.


Show off your works-in-progress & get helpful feedback.

Getting Started

Learn how to use programs like Unity, download 2D/3D assets for your next project, demo what others have made, or find some ideas.

Places in NYC

Discover the best destinations for emerging media: virtual reality arcades, immersive art museums, workshops, conventions…

Jobs & Scholarships

Find an internship or part-time job that’s actually relevant to your major. (Or win $$ to afford college.)


Do I need to bring a laptop?
Nope. V-314 is a computer lab, and the Macs in there have all the software we need already installed. (They run faster, too.)
What software do you guys use?
We mostly use the Unity engine (C#) — but there’s also Adobe Aero, Processing/p5.js, Tilt Brush, Lens Studio, and Arduino.
I suck at coding. Can I still join?
There are tons of roles and projects that don’t touch a line of code. Sound design, writing, character art, environment art, level design, physical computing, bug testing…

Besides, the whole point of our meetings is to get better. None of us started off where we are right now. If you’re bad at it, come anyway :)