Wanna learn how to make video games?

Meet us at 1pm on Thursdays in room V-314.

At EXP Club, we design, create & playtest digital experiences. That includes video games, interactive art, virtual reality worlds, Snapchat filters, experimental controllers— any project that gets creative with technology. No experience? No problem :) You’ll have access to workshops, YouTube tutorials, sample code, and 1-on-1 help from upperclassmen so you can learn as you go.

Thursdays @ 1-2pm
Room 314
Voorhees Hall



Team up with other students to make your ideas a reality.


Explore a variety of sensors (motion, light, microphone, heart rate, tilt…) and work them into your projects.


Demo your works in progress arcade-style & get helpful feedback.

Thanks for checking out our page! Here’s some cool stuff for you…

Tutorials & Free Assets

Watch our favorite game dev channels on YouTube and download free sprites, 3D models, sound effects + animations to make your projects look incredible.

Places in NYC

Discover the best destinations for interactive media. Virtual reality arcades, digital art museums, workshops, game conventions…

Jobs & Scholarships

Find an internship or part-time job that’ll actually look good on your resume. (Or win some money to finish college?)


Do I need to bring a laptop?
Nope. V-314 is a computer lab, and the Macs in there have all the software we need already installed. (They run faster, too.)
How much experience do I need?
The tutorials will be a lot easier to understand if you know the basics of programming (functions, loops, variables) — but if you don’t, it’s no big deal. We’ll break down the concepts for you.
I suck at coding. Can I still join?
Yup :) There are tons of roles you can fill on a game dev team that don’t touch a line of code. Art, sound, writing, level design, testing…

Besides, the whole point of our meetings is to get better. None of us started off where we are right now. If you’re bad at it, come anyway. We’d love to work with you.