Final Project Drawing Update

Class, you can see the udpated drawing for the final project here: Final Project

It includes dimensions for the areas of the drawing that we weren’t able to measure in scale today in class.

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Test 1 Outline

Here are the outline and point values for our upcoming test. Review this list, your notes, your reading assignments, and your homeworks. All homework assignments will be graded and returned to you on Monday, October 23rd. The test is closed-book and closed-note.

Test 1 – Materials, Tools, Flats (150 possible points)

Materials (50 points)

  • Identify materials by sight
    • 1×3 pine
    • 1×6 pine
    • 2×4 spf
    • ¾” plywood
    • ¼” lauan
    • ¼” mdf
    • ¼” masonite
  • For each material, know the following
    • Nominal size
    • Actual size
    • Standard available sizes (length, thickness, size of sheet)
    • How the material is classified (and what class or grade we normally use)
      • Structural or aesthetic grade
    • What we use it for

Tools (50 points)

  • Identify 15 tools by sight
    • Could be any tool we have covered so far this semester
  • Short answer
    • Explain what tools are used for
    • Think of as many tools as possible to do certain kinds of work
    • Make a list of tools you would need to complete a given project
  • Measure some pieces of wood
  • Practical: Make accurate cuts using appropriate tools based on assigned project
    • Be ready to work in the shop
  • You will each need to answer an extra question about the tool you wrote your report on that goes into more detail than rest of the test. You will also be able to earn extra credit by answering questions about other people’s tools.

Flats (50 points)

  • Explain the difference between theatrical and Hollywood flats
  • Sketch the framing and covering for a flat with given dimensions
  • Make a cut list for a flat (remember to include the cover and nailing blocks)
  • Identify the parts of a flat
  • Comment on flat construction choices in the Haunted Hotel
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Cut List Files Posted


Sorry for the delay. Cut List project details and files are now posted here.

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Alexander’s Hardware & Locksmith

       For my assignment I went to a nearby hardware store in my neighborhood which was Alexander’s Hardware & Locksmith located at 1606 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230, your typical local hardware/locksmith shop. The store mainly cater to small DIY home repairs to small private contractors.The store is one block away from the Q train and the B9 station at Ave M and there are some products chained outside the store so it fairly easy to spot at a distance. Inside the store they have products ranging from plumbing supplies, electrical supplies to basic hand tools and paint, lots of drywall tools. The store doesn’t have a wide range of products or carry any lumber but it does not lack in general repair/ improvement related products. They have common power tools but they are marked up, nothing like the prices you see in the lowes or home depot. This is the typical place where you get your keys made or needed a 2oft extension cable asap or perhaps snow salt/snow shovel.

      The store is owned by a grumpy middle aged man Alexander who seems to be always in a bad mood so I didn’t bother taking pictures inside the store. The owner was pretty knowledgeable since he told me that he came from a contracting background, he still does some contracting work with installing custom window and gates from time to time. Alexander told me that he open the store because he lived in the area that didn’t have much hardware store and every time that he needed something simple he had to travel pretty far for what he needed so he open the store. The store overall isn’t big, things were pretty compact. Small parts like nuts and bolts were in small drawers stacked on shelves, you probably have 2 stores worth of products in that small of space. The only way to find a specific item is to ask or show them the hardware on your phone or better yet bring part that you’re looking for and they would assist you to finding the product.


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I chose to go to Navarros Hardware on 93rd street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.Its a very small community hardware store, it’s on the corner of the street but still a small hole in the wall kind of place. It contains housewares, plumbing and electrical materials. There is a small paint section at the rear of the store. It didn’t contain any lumber or power tools the closest was some basic hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers. It’s extremely small, there were only three isles and  they were a tight space to fit into. For such a small place it was orderly and easy to navigate, everything has a place. The first isle was plumbing materials followed by general housewares and the last isle was electrical. In the back was a locksmith station for carving keys, it was closed off in a semi separate room. The staff was attentive and enthusiastic to help anyone that came in. I went in looking for hooks to hang a mosaic in my room, the hooks were easily found( basically at the front of the store) and a staff member came to help a second after I found them. He asked if I needed help or what the kind of project I was working on. Simple open ended questions. With limited space for inventory the store offered a pretty good selection, and the staff knew specifications of what the materials are capable of. They also explained how to install the hooks properly as not to cause damage, I found that considerate and he was knowledgeable about it. Navigating the store was simple and it was well mapped out. I remember the store from passing around the neighborhood and it’s only about a mile from my house so it’s conveniently located. There’s not really something that makes the store stick out like a sore thumb but it’s been there a realllllly long time. That was the first time I’ve been in that hardware store, usually I would go to a Loews or Home Depot. The store itself may not offer the most but the staffs knowledgeability and pleasant disposition make it worth it to go back.

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C & C Hardware

C & C Hardware is located at 1809 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031 up in Harlem. The store walking in was very cluttered but it was mostly because it was a small store and right in the front when you walked in were 5-gallon buckets of various paints and stains staked to about the height of me. Once looking around the store I realized many of the products they had were painting/staining products. They had signs about tools outside but they really didn’t have a wide selection. They had screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, wire cutters and spackle knifes. They also had some hardware for pipe work and woodwork. The paints and stains they had was a good size selection. They offered spray paints, interior paints, latex, decking finishes and stains all in various sizes ranging from a pint to 5 gallons depending on the brand and type of paint or stain.

The employees there were all very nice and helpful. As soon as I walked in two employees welcomed me and the one not behind the cash register asked me if there was anything he could help me with. He was very kind and had no problem helping me with finding what I needed and showing me various sizes to find the proper brushes I needed. Although it was not a wide selection of tools there, they did have the basics and nice selection of paints and stains if ever needed to touch up anything around your apartment.

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Century Paint Hardware & Lumber Keys

Century Paint Hardware & Lumber Keys is located in Dumbo at 47 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The store’s products are for painting, carpentry, and any simple home improvement projects. The store is great when ever purchasing small hardware such as nails ,fastener, bolts, nuts, etc. Whether it be in bulk like in any store or by the piece for small projects. the tools are small tools that get replaced every few months for both painting and wood working. Any need for lumber can be met by the sheets or sticks of lumber that needed.

The staff are great at helping, they know their inventory well and can help a customer on spot. There experience is more in the paint field but have basic knowledge on the wood working tools, but regardless have the enthusiasm to help a customer with out problem. If you need a store for a quick restock on you basics like nails and other cheep and any tools and hardware that need restocked frequently. I look forward to buy from this store for any rush jobs or personal projects where my own supplies are needed.


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Bartunek Hardware Inc

Bartunek Hardware Inc is located in the heart of Astoria Ditmars at 28-07 23rd Ave. Once getting off the final stop of the Queens bound N train, you walk at 23rd Ave and walk down. The store is easy to spot since the block is full of resident buildings that are brown but this store is painted blue in the front with multiple items in the front ready for customers to look and possibly purchase. Walking into the store, I’ve observed the store and looked at the glass cases the tools were in. The tools were neatly placed on the wall, organized by size which was great for workers who need to have a certain size tool to work. It was also organized by brand of the tool so customers that walked into the store could have an idea if they would prefer to invest in a tool for long term or not. Their most popular brand in their store was Stanley. They carried tools that any construction worker or any person interested in wood work would prefer: Saws, vice grips, files and pliers. They also had home appliances and gardening tools and the aisles were very neat and easy to walk through while prices were next to the tools.


The man that helped me was very polite. I needed to find some safety glasses and he showed me where they were. I also asked what recommended multi-tool would be great. He asked me what would I need it for and I mentioned working in Film and Theater and his face lit up and started to speak about his past experience working in the Theater business. We had a long conversation about which multi-tool would work best with a certain situation and in the end he suggested Gerber or Leatherman. He even gave me a couple of tips also about how to loosen the top of the multi-tool so I could just flip it open with ease.

What made this store great was the employees were friendly and answered any questions that anyone asked. They were patient and kind. The store is a perfect size so it’s not hard to get lost and also quite easy to find the tool you need. Before I didn’t know this store existed but once looking it up and visiting, I will come back here in the future for my tools.

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A to Z Liquidator

For my assignment I went to several hardware stores in my neighborhood, but this one stood out the most to me in efficiency.

The Hardware store’s address is 1137 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418.

The store doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but if you fix things, you probably know about the place anyways. I casually bumped into this place because I needed to make some copies of my work keys, and they just so happen to also make copies of keys. As the lady at the desk worked on my keys, I took the opportunity to look around. 


I was surprised as to how many hand tools they had on the entire left wall as I walked in, but a little underwhelmed with how small the actual store looked. If you wanted simple hand tools that required no electricity or external power, practically everything was there. I asked a store assistant if they sold any power tools, and they said I’d have to ask them at the counter for it and they’d fetch them for me out of a large storage cabinet. They had a huge selection of power tools and the inside of that cabinet was insane.

They had an assortment of painting supplies like rollers, chisels, masking tape and joint compound. They didn’t have an assortment of lumber, but they made up for it in the huge assortment of interior/wood paints. The store suddenly seemed much bigger.




Hi, that’s me inside the store. →




They had an entire area with different sized ladders. The largest ladder they had was a fiberglass 20′ ladder.



They had a huge assortment of steel and PVC pipes, all neatly separated. Among that, were plenty of industrial fasteners, sold in bulk or loosely at a few cents each. Pretty neat for when you don’t need 300 1-1/2″ screws to put together a nightstand. The employees knew exactly where everything was off the top of their head, which was extremely helpful and impressive. In the next few aisles, there were electrical home tools like LEDs, soldering guns, welding supplies, helmets, and wire, but they were working on inventory in the aisles, so I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

Even for the home improvement novice or the backyard builder, this store is ideal and easily accessible in its aisles. Everything is cluttered, but it is all organized accordingly. For the few of us with common sense, the job gets easier, as the paints are with the brushes and the tape measures are with the hand tools, and the keychains are with the squishy neon key covers.

I’d give the place an A for efficiency and variety, but they don’t carry ply stretchers OR glass hammers, so I’m going to have to give it an A-.

(In actuality, it gets an A- because had they stocked ANY type of lumber, the store would be sheer perfection.)


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Costello’s Ace Hardware, Home & Garden

Costello’s Ace Hardware, Home & Garden Ace is located on 7615 13th Ave Brooklyn, NY. They sell a lot of home products. Very little on the tools. They had a pretty big section of different variety of paint. Their best selling product would be Pequa. This product is a drain opener. At first when I approached one of the staff there and asked about their bestselling tool she told me that she doesn’t really know about these stuff and asked me to look for someone else. I walked around and asked for someone else and he was pretty knowledgeable about their products. I think the staffs are okay in the sense of help.

The store was pretty complex. It took me awhile to find the power tools. I think asking for a staff to locate certain items is definitely a great idea. The locate of the store was pretty close to my home so getting there wasn’t all that terrible. There are bus stops near the store so it shouldn’t be hard to find once you get off the bus. They have tools for plumbing and power tools for building. There were handheld tools like wrench, screwdrivers, and hammers. Their power tools consist of power drill (cordless and cord), angle grinder, sander, jigsaw, and circular saw. There were also different blades available. I guess what makes this store stand out is there variety of hardware available. They are the only store that sells hardware around the neighborhood.

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