Hardware Store or Lumber Yard

Hardware Store/Lumber Yard

DUE: 9/6/2017

Technicians need to be familiar with the hardware and materials available in their local area.  No matter how convenient online shopping or catalog ordering is, and no matter how detailed the spec sheet is, there will never be a true substitute for being able to go to a store and put your hands on the item you are considering using.

The Details

You must go to a local hardware store or lumber yard.  Take a picture of yourself there and write up a little description for the rest of the class.  Talk to a salesperson, look around for a piece of hardware.  Ask for help.  Get a feel for the store.

Checklist for your reference:

  • Go to a local hardware store or lumber yard
    • Home Depot and Lowes do not count
  • Take a picture of yourself INSIDE the store
  • Post the picture and a short description of the store on OpenLab
    • You should use the “Post” feature of Openlab – do not upload a file or create a shared document.
    • Your description should include the following information:
      • Name and location of the store
      • Type of hardware or lumber the store is best at
      • How helpful was the staff?
      • How knowledgeable was the staff?
    • To go the extra mile, cover some of these topics:
      • How easy was it to find things in the store?
      • How easy was it to find or get to the store itself?
      • Do they have tools?
        • If so, what kind? Is it mostly plumbing and electrical? Good selection of power tools?
      • What makes this store stand out?

Create a Post

This is how you create a post from the course site.

Grading Criteria

You will be graded by the completeness and enthusiasm of your project.  Your report does not have to be very long; two or three paragraphs is usually enough.  Really go exploring and find a cool hardware store.