Test 1 Outline

Here are the outline and point values for our upcoming test. Review this list, your notes, your reading assignments, and your homeworks. All homework assignments will be graded and returned to you on Monday, October 23rd. The test is closed-book and closed-note.

Test 1 – Materials, Tools, Flats (150 possible points)

Materials (50 points)

  • Identify materials by sight
    • 1×3 pine
    • 1×6 pine
    • 2×4 spf
    • ¾” plywood
    • ¼” lauan
    • ¼” mdf
    • ¼” masonite
  • For each material, know the following
    • Nominal size
    • Actual size
    • Standard available sizes (length, thickness, size of sheet)
    • How the material is classified (and what class or grade we normally use)
      • Structural or aesthetic grade
    • What we use it for

Tools (50 points)

  • Identify 15 tools by sight
    • Could be any tool we have covered so far this semester
  • Short answer
    • Explain what tools are used for
    • Think of as many tools as possible to do certain kinds of work
    • Make a list of tools you would need to complete a given project
  • Measure some pieces of wood
  • Practical: Make accurate cuts using appropriate tools based on assigned project
    • Be ready to work in the shop
  • You will each need to answer an extra question about the tool you wrote your report on that goes into more detail than rest of the test. You will also be able to earn extra credit by answering questions about other people’s tools.

Flats (50 points)

  • Explain the difference between theatrical and Hollywood flats
  • Sketch the framing and covering for a flat with given dimensions
  • Make a cut list for a flat (remember to include the cover and nailing blocks)
  • Identify the parts of a flat
  • Comment on flat construction choices in the Haunted Hotel
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