I chose to go to Navarros Hardware on 93rd street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.Its a very small community hardware store, it’s on the corner of the street but still a small hole in the wall kind of place. It contains housewares, plumbing and electrical materials. There is a small paint section at the rear of the store. It didn’t contain any lumber or power tools the closest was some basic hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers. It’s extremely small, there were only three isles and  they were a tight space to fit into. For such a small place it was orderly and easy to navigate, everything has a place. The first isle was plumbing materials followed by general housewares and the last isle was electrical. In the back was a locksmith station for carving keys, it was closed off in a semi separate room. The staff was attentive and enthusiastic to help anyone that came in. I went in looking for hooks to hang a mosaic in my room, the hooks were easily found( basically at the front of the store) and a staff member came to help a second after I found them. He asked if I needed help or what the kind of project I was working on. Simple open ended questions. With limited space for inventory the store offered a pretty good selection, and the staff knew specifications of what the materials are capable of. They also explained how to install the hooks properly as not to cause damage, I found that considerate and he was knowledgeable about it. Navigating the store was simple and it was well mapped out. I remember the store from passing around the neighborhood and it’s only about a mile from my house so it’s conveniently located. There’s not really something that makes the store stick out like a sore thumb but it’s been there a realllllly long time. That was the first time I’ve been in that hardware store, usually I would go to a Loews or Home Depot. The store itself may not offer the most but the staffs knowledgeability and pleasant disposition make it worth it to go back.

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