H brickman & sons hardware store


For this assignment, I visited this hardware store called H brickman & sons in east village. The store is located on 1st ave, in between 3rd and 4th street. There were quiet number of hardware stores and lumber yard, but by the time I got there, this was the only store that was still open, so I decided to walk in and find out how it is. The store was as big as, or a little bigger than our shop in v-building and is divided into two section with wall. One side is for hardware and painting, and the other is for houseware. Everything is well organized, stacked, and displayed.


The store had 3 aisle, divided 2 section, front and back. Each section is divided into 3aisle by different categories. The front section keeps painting, hand tools, and power tools with accessories fall into each categories. In the back, there were materials related to door, such as door lock, handle, and few selections of lumber. As you can see, the store has quiet a selection for every categories. What drew my attention the most was powertool section. It had, almost every powertools that I’ve seen in our school shop, but with different manufactures, not to mention all types of blade and accessories for tools. Most of the powertools were from Dewalt, and few from the company I never seen before. There weren’t any makitas, or milwaukees.

By the time I walked into the store, it was super busy. There weren’t any staffs stading in the aisle to ask question. All the staffs I saw were standing in the counter, taking customers, so I couldn’t have chance ask any question.

Overall, I think the store is quiet reliable, in matter of purchasing hardwares. I wouldn’t recommend this store for lumbers, because the selection was really small. Only 1x or 2x lumbers were displayed. Also, I would suggest to pick visit hour wisely, if you want to get help and take times and considerations to make decision, because this store is quiet busy with not many staffs working.


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