Jig Project

Jig Project

Theaters operating on tight budgets often need to maximize the utility of their tools.  Sometimes, specialized or non-standard operations need to be performed repeatedly and with great accuracy.  To make this possible, shops often expand the functionality of their tools by building or buying jigs.  A jig is simply a guide or fence for a tool that helps guide the tool or the workpiece in a particular path.  Using jigs, you can cut perfect circles on the band saw, split dowels in half, check the alignment of your tools, or cut hundreds of identical parts.

The Details

Choose a jig for the tool on which you wrote your Tool Report.  Build that jig, and teach the class how to use it.

Checklist for your reference:

o   Choose a jig:________________________________________ Due: 9/30/2014

o   Build your jig

o   Demonstrate your jig for the class on 10/21/2014

To be turned in:

o   Your completed jig

o   A typed outline of your demonstration to the class

Grading Criteria

You will be graded on the accuracy of your jig construction and the quality of your presentation to the class.  Your jig must function as intended.  It should look nice (use clean, unpainted lumber; any labels should be neat). You must explain to the class how to use it properly, how to make their own jig, and why you would use it.

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