Test 1 Review

Test 1 – Materials, Tools, Flats (150 possible points)

This test covers all of the topics up to, and including, Oct 21st

Materials (50 points)

  • Identify materials by sight
  • For each material, know the following
    • Nominal size
    • Actual size
    • Standard available sizes (length, thickness, size of sheet)
    • How the material is classified (and what class or grade we normally use)
    • What we use it for

Tools (50 points)

      • Identify 15 tools by sight
      • Short answer
        • Explain what tools are used for
        • Think of as many tools as possible to do certain kinds of work
        • Make a list of tools you would need to complete a given project
        • Measure some pieces of wood
        • Practical: Make accurate cuts using appropriate tools based on assigned project
        • You will each need to answer an extra question about the tool you wrote your report on that goes into more detail than rest of the test

Flats (50 points)

      • Explain the difference between theatrical and Hollywood flats
      • Sketch the framing and covering for a flat with given dimensions
      • Make a cut list for a flat (remember to include the cover and nailing blocks)
      • Identify the parts of a flat
      • Comment on flat construction choices in the Haunted Hotel

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