Planning for a crew

Planning for a crew

Before any crew call, it is necessary for a supervisor to think about the work to be done.  A little forethought can make a big difference in the success and productivity of the crew.

The Details

You must prepare a detailed plan for loading in the deck from the project, Cut List 2.  You will make a list of the order of operations, the tools required, the hardware required, how many people you think it will take to accomplish the load-in, and how long it will take. For this project, assume that you will be loading into the Voorhees Theatre from the shop. All scenery and tools will be stored in the shop before your load-in begins.

Checklist for your reference:

You will need to turn in the following items:

o   Schedule for tasks

o   List of all tools required

o   List of hardware required

o   How many people do you think it will take?

Grading Criteria

You will be graded on the completeness and accuracy of your work.  Don’t forget what you know!

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