M&D Shapiro Hardware




So this little place is called M & D Shipiro True Value Hardware. Its located on 63 Bleecker St, New York, Ny. This hardware store is located two blocks away from my job which is a perfect spot to pick up any last minute items. Now the store has more paint and adhesives then anything else. As soon as you walk in the guy at the register greets you and one other employee in the aisle greets and asks’s you if your in need of help. Being that it was a more of a paint and adhesives store they did have a small area for power tools, so i decided to test the knowledge of both workers. I started by saying i’m building a small equipment storage rack, and that what kind of cir-saw they recommended and why? The man behind the register quickly responded with the answer “I’t all depends on the job” which was the answer I wanted it hear, then he went to further details about speed, cordless vs. corded, and basically how often is the tools being used. I found his answers were helpful and correct. Over all finding items in he store was simple paint area in the right of the store, adhesives to the back lift, paint accessories in the middle, front the store had other items. Getting to the store is very easy, get off at the Broadway Lafayette station toward the back of the train on Bleecker St exist on the 6, D, B, F, M train’s and it’s right in the corner. Being that the store was in the East Village prices were kind of high, no buyer’s club. What makes this store stand out to me is the location itself, there are few local hardware store in this area. Really close to the train, SoHo, Work are the things I believe make this place stand out, just wish they had more tools and power tools.




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