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  1. SheenaBeena

    As Jailyn and I were discussing in class, we want to shadow “Run, Lola, run”.
    I was thinking of a person running or just walking fast and maybe bumping into someone who is basically doing the same thing. As she or he is on their journey they run into different WEIRD obstacles.

    • LS EXT. your filming location – This will be the Voorhees building of course and as we pan down we can introduce the character going into the building. (Running into the building)
    • Tilt & Pan (include them somewhere in your story)-This will be done in the LS EXT of location as well as other shots I’m sure (to be discussed)
    • LS, MS, CU Person-The LS can be the person entering the building/MS can be during obstacles and CU can be when the person is having a reaction to the obstacle
    • Person entering and exiting frame (from any angle)- We should have a few of these shots since this person is in a “hurry ” to get somewhere

    Handheld shots
    • Contra zoom – I think we should try and do this for at least one of the obstacles (Big shock or surprise)
    • Walking shot for 10 seconds (from any angle, follow your character, make it as steady as possible)-
    • Indicate your understanding of 180 degree rule- I was thinking of “crossing the line” during a moving shot. I think that will be cool to try.

    What do you think group?

    The obstacles can be really silly like a paper clip gets in the way or there’s one chair in the way. Let me know group!!

    1. gus

      I like this start! For the breaking of the 180 rule I feel like if you can imagine the actor coming to an abrupt stop at an intersection of long hallways and the actors looking back and forth trying to decide which way to go while the camera does a 360 around them starting behind them slightly on one side of the line and ending on the other side of the line at the front side of them at about 210 degrees.the actor then runs off screen to the opposite side the camera is on.
      Relatively fast paced CU possibility with camera height at or slightly below the actors face. A steady cam would be ideal but we will see what we can do.

      For the contra zoom i was thinking of a straight on while the actors runs contra zooming so it gives the allusion that the actor is running without moving forward. This will require a relatively long hallway and a dolly would be ideal, but a rolling chair would work.

      Since this is the style we are going with we should also be looking for fast paced intense songs for the sound track.

  2. Deandra Anthony

    I like a lot. I like Gus idea of crossing the 180 line at an intersection and then doing a 210 of the person. We could do the contra zoom of the person running down the hallway towards the camera and then when he/she stops cross the 180 line. I have a question, are two people running and your doing parallel shots or just one person?

  3. Jailyn

    I think both Sheena and Gus’s vision is really going to come to life. I like Gus’s Idea with a 180 line. Also I think we could possibly do maybe two characters running into obstacles. These two characters know each other and they could end up meeting up with each other towards the end. We could also stick with Sheena’s idea. I’m just brainstorming. It also might be tough with the timing. As well as Sheena I think the character should overcome some silly obstacles! Either way I think we’ll do a great job. 🙂

  4. gus

    We had a Great First Day of Shooting Team! Lets keep the momentum and pace and rap this thing tommorrow! We have a few shot requirements to still be done and most of those will be of the actor running. We still have to shoot the conclusion of her coming too from being knocked out as well.

  5. Jailyn

    Great job guys. I’m glad that we’ve gotten a lot done in just two days!!! Our shots are really great and so is our editing. Especially love the 180 line and the shots we took with the rolling chair (dolly)! I hope Ryoya and the class loves it!

  6. SheenaBeena

    We did a great job! Good shots! The moving shots I think are awesome! The canted angle shot of me sprinting was cool. I think we worked great together and overall did a good job!

    I agree jailyn… we got a lot done in 2 days!!

  7. gus

    Im very satisfied with what we accomplished in a very limited time. At first I thought some of shots we were going to try were a bit ambitious, but we nailed them. Chairs do make alright dollies! I felt like our communication was the single most important thing that allowed us to produce this product successfully.

  8. Deandra Anthony

    I showed my dad the film and it seems that you have a career in acting Sheena. I think the film came out great. I really like the crossing the line shot. It was great working with you guys and I learned a lot. Like to improvise and use whats around you ( i.e the chair when doing the contra zoom shot). 2 days and dedication equals some great shots.

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