Project II Group B

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  1. Jonathan Stampfl

    Hey guys so my idea for the project is to have it be Corey and Edwin start of as friends, then something Edwin does something that ends his friendship with Corey. Then we would see as Corey walks away from Edwin other scenes of Corey paying off a professor to fail Edwin, pay off his friends to not talk to him, pay off someone else to rob Edwin. Then the scene ends Corey smiling as he walks away knowing what he is going to do.

    1. cwhite7

      I know it’s role play dude, but that storyline is a bit harsh, no..? 🙁
      Actually, as long as everyone is on board, I’m all for it.
      Are we creating a dialogue, or will it silent?

      1. Ryoya Terao Post author

        I think Corey is right. We have been seeing what is negative around the world. In this class, for this short video, you can make it something positive. That’s what I recommend. Make sure to create a scene or shots which don’t require both of them all the time, so that those actors can gain behind the camera experience as well.

  2. Jonathan Stampfl

    I hear what you guys are saying, so what if we did a scene where one actor takes an item from the other and the whole story is the actors keep coming up with shenanigans for each other to keep taking this one item and in the end they either decide who gets the item or they share it. This way it’s more positive and comical as well.

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