Project I Criteria

Project I Criteria
ENT 1190 Fall 2015
Project I Criteria

LS Location
Tilt down or tilt up, or pan to introduce to establish your location

MS Location
LS actor sitting (not frontal view)
MS actor sitting (frontal) to getting up, exit the frame
LS actor walking entering and exiting the frame (from any angle)
MS actor’s legs (side view), pan
CU Actor’s feet (frontal) stops walking, tilt up to CU actor’s face (the actor find something)
Actor’s POV (surprise!)

LS Two actors either standing (or sitting) facing each other
OTS MS Actor 1
OTS MS Actor 2
MS Two actors facing each other
CU Actor 1
CU Actor 2
ECU Actor 1
ECU Actor 2

3 thoughts on “Project I Criteria

  1. Ryoya Terao Post author

    This was just announced on BB:

    ENT 1190 Students,

    1.Continue to participate in the OpenLab Discussion on Project I

    As discussed, you need to comment and share your opinions on your Project I footage (Day One). Here is the youtube link.

    On OpenLab, first, comment on your own group’s footage, and then, to learn from each other, comment the other groups’ footage. You need to be kind to each other, and at the same time, to support to each other, a positive critique is necessary: You need to state what could have been better, and what mgith help in the next filming day.

    2. Please read the last announcements of BB to make sue that you know the schedule for the upcoming sessions.

    Have a good holiday weekend.


  2. Ryoya Terao Post author

    I’m uploading the footage, Project I Day 2 currently. It will be available for you to view shortly. Here is the link:

    You need to analyze and examine how the second day of filming went on your own group, and also the other groups. As you know, this will be a part of your Project I grade, and this process will also help you to think more and do things differently when you film in the future. All the best.

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