Project II Criteria

Project II Criteria (As announced already on BB) earlier this week.

As discussed in class this past Thursday, December 3rd, we must work efficiently next week to produce Project II videos successfully. On Tuesday the 8th, you will film. On Thursday the 10th, you may be still filming or start editing. Tuesday the 15th, you will take the final, and present your edited video. Most likely, you will have to do much of the editing between classes. In general, editing is a long process, often working during class time periods is not sufficient.

1. These are the three groups, which we formed during the last session. You must start communicating with each other in your own group’s thread. It is fine to comment on other groups’ threads. But focus on your own group first.

Group A: Jailyn, Sheena, Deandra, and Gus

Group B: Jonathan, Corey, Tariah, and Edwin

Group C: Moziah, DeeDee, Leanna, and Robert

2. Criteria

Avoid this storyline:
Please don’t suggest a story of a student who oversleeps, and is eager to get to school, and in the end, he/she finds out that the class is cancelled or the school is closed. Or, it was just a dream…This has been done more than enough. You are more creative than that. However, it could be about someone who runs to get to his/her destination, and there are some obstacles in between. The ending should be somewhat unexpected.

Your locations must be inside Voorhees or around the building because the time is limited, and Alex and I will need to supervise you all.

Each project should be somewhere between 1 minute and 3 minutes long upon completion. These are criteria as follows (You are welcome to include more variety of shots):

On Tripod
• LS EXT. your filming location
• Tilt & Pan (include them somewhere in your story)
• LS, MS, CU Person
• Person entering and exiting frame (from any angle)

Handheld shots
• Contra zoom
• Walking shot for 10 seconds (from any angle, follow your character, make it as steady as possible)
• Indicate your understanding of 180 degree rule

Simple Editing
• Express good pacing (rhythm) and “emotion”
• Continuity
• NO fancy effects/graphics are needed, focus on a simple visual storytelling

You must bring your own hard drive to store your footage at the end of each filming day.

3. Three Samples from Last Semester

“Banana Wars” (a silent film) v=B_przXteYmc&

“Smart Phones” (w/narration)

“A Shortie Tale” (a silent film) v=paE_pBmzHq4&

All the best,