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  1. _mo.nk

    I hope this post is found appropriately

    My plot for project II is as follows and is open to new ideas and further interpretation.

    The Perfect Gentleman

    Scene 1 :
    (Classical cheerful Piano playing )
    – Dissolve and pan out to Man opening a door for a lady
    CU Of man Smiling (with a thumbs up) _ Title Rolls In The Perfect Gentleman! (applause)
    – OTS tracking – man walking into an elevator_ pan in_ CU of the bad guy ( turns evil grin)(evil piano)
    Title rolls in ( _____)
    – OTS of bad guy in elevator-
    – MS a woman running t catch the elevator
    -LS 2 women running to catch the elevator
    -CU a woman running to catch the elevator
    -CU man evilly grinning
    – CU finger pressing close door (slomotion)
    -MS man standing Evil grin as door closes
    -MS the lady standing with disappointed look
    Black out still shot ( eerie music)
    – 180 degree (fast/slow) spin to a devastated perfect gentleman
    -CU on face
    -MS falls to his knees (slomotion)
    -CU on torso pan up to ECU of eyes with a vengeance look (screen closes in on eyes)
    -OTS tracking a walking perfect gentleman (fast pace) (action music)
    -MS guy shooting garbage (short slomotin)
    -OTS tracking walking perfect gentleman quickly picks up and throws away
    -LS woman sneezing (short Slomotion)
    -CU of perfect gentleman saying gazuntite
    -MS of bad guy stalling down the hallway (whistling?)
    -MS bad guy bumping into people / MS bad guy flinching at people
    MS pan as bad guy smiles walks away

    this is as far as i could think, at the end my thought was that something bad happens to the bad guy and the perfect gentleman helps save the day, bad guy turns over new leaf happy ending ….. or maybe just pretends to turn over new leaf without out perfect gentleman knowing he’s still bad cliff hanger , and needs a part II type of ending.
    also i was thinking a play off run lola run with some sort of back drop to the characters including perfect gentleman , bad guy and the people they encounter with a twist on the way it shows their back stories.
    please tell me what you think and share any ideas.

  2. _mo.nk

    Sorry forgot i was supposed to add that …

    The story is about a student, that finds being a respectable gentleman is the best thing in life. He then witnesses, a very malicious man, who enjoys making peoples lives miserable. The gentleman feels he has to do something about it, and attemepts to track down the bad guy. Ironically something bad happens to the bad guy, and the good guy helps save the day. And the bad guy becomes good … Or does he lol

  3. Rikan

    love the run lola run idea and it would be beastly. I was thinking we could try and add a Godfather parallel style shot too that show similar settings but with the good guy and the bad guy interacting in their own way. That means that while one scene shows a good action, the same scene will show a bad action if possible.
    How you plotted it was dope it was real good and it’s a good place to start and pick up from there.
    Personally I think the bad guy stays bad and kinda shows it through an action thats subtle in the end on the good guy.

  4. _mo.nk

    Yeah the bad guy staying bad was my first thought to . Give it more of an interesting plot. And the parallel scene is like with connecting music, two different actions are taking place at the same time, which maybe in our case would lead up to the same scene.

  5. Dede (Dinyasia)

    Mo that’s a great idea I was thinking the same. Own parallel scene but also create a back in front scene using the elevator scene. I’ll explain we have OTS the man in the elevator then there’s the music and then you see the LU woman running for the elevator. You continue to hear the music then it switch to the CU of the mans slow motion finger then CU of the two women. We go back to the man then in the music we hear the woman asking to hold the elevator or something. Then we go to MS of the mans evil grin. Then the elevator closes.

  6. Leanna

    *Everything didn’t go as plan with the elevator scene on Tuesday (sorry Mo), because of timing and other problems due to the camera. but we will try to add some shots on Thursday.

    QUICK SUMMARY that we all came up with on Tuesday, we changed the ‘plot & story’ (please feel free to add or change anything)
    -Leanna is walking down the hallway, and she drops money, as soon as she try to pick it up, Robert grabs the money, and runs away with the money. Robert is the “bad guy”. Mo is the “good guy”, and try to find Robert. They both find each other on the fourth floor, where Mo try to convince Robert to give the money back. Robert give the money and pretends to be changed, but then ends up ….. (i don’t want to tell all in obenlab)

    What we all came up with somehow goes back to Mo’s initial summary…..

    Here’s the outline of the shots we got done, and what else we need to finish.


    LS EXT. of (Leanna walking down the hall)
    CONTRA ZOOM: (introducing Robert and Mo, showing the audience who is the ‘good’ and who is the ‘bad’ guy)
    WALKING SHOT FOR 10 secs (where Leanna drops the money)


    TILT & PAN: we chose to take this shot in the elevator showing Mo going to the fourth floor, where then he meets Robert/
    MS, CU:
    180 DEGREE RULE: where MO confronts Robert on the fourth floor

    any new ideas are welcome!!!!!

    and we just have to edit.

  7. Leanna

    Once again good job on work Thursday. Excuse me for my lateness.

    Thanks for everyone who show up today around 11am to help organize and edit these cool shots!!! We got ALOT of work done.

    We are almost finished, just have to cut a little more footage, I am glad we have more than 1 minute of footage all together.

    I will be in the sound lab on Thursday, just to edit the last shots, and add titles, etc..

    Any final ideas please be free to comment.


  8. Leanna

    I am almost finish editing, thanks to Rob who help out a lot with the sequence

    I was editing in the computer lab on the second floor, but the lab was closing so I try to edit in the sound lab, but you cannot open the newer version, so I had to do some edits again such as titles, and fade in/out.

    I am still figuring out on what type of music I’ll should add.

  9. Rikan

    Posted this on the wrong page smh

    Thought of some names
    Moes name could be
    Chippy Charles on the intro txt
    Mine could be
    Rudeboy Rikan
    Yours could be
    lovely leanna

    We gotta out credits of all our names also

    That part where I rob u should say SNATCH

    On our 180 part make moe have like nice but brave txt like “give me that SIR”

    Mine even though I talk alot should be the words
    “nah, fam”

    Before the hug scene mayb a line that would be
    maybe he needs a hug…

    When I take his pink possibly gay phone put snatch on the txt also

    When u freak out on the part where u bang on the door just have the words damn it DAMNIT or drats DRATS or darn it DARN IT written just like how I wrote it (damnits better)

    The dialogue with u n moe could be
    Moe: what happened miss?
    You: I got robbed yo!!! Or just txt explaining my look
    Moe: not a fear, I shall fetch it BACK!!
    dont forget on that part put the run lola run clip effect on the flashback when I took the 10 dollar

    Ima be at work but when I can ill txt u if u need help

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