(750-word minimum)



For this assignment, we will think about issues that are important to us while also exploring the genre of the op-ed (also referred to as an opinion essay in The New York Times). In the op-eds/opinion essays we will read, the writers share their opinions and present arguments while backing up their points with evidence and credible sources.

Write an op-ed/opinion essay that takes a position on an issue of your choice. Your op-ed/opinion essay must have a thesis and use research to support your position. Also, be sure to make reference to at least one counterargument you anticipate the other side having. Be sure to quote at least twice from your sources. And remember to use the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos to develop a persuasive argument. 

In your op-ed/opinion essay, use MLA in-text citations and include an MLA Works Cited page (note: the Works Cited page is not part of the 750-word count minimum).

Here are the grading criteria for this project:

Your op-ed/opinion essay…

  • has a clear thesis. 
  • uses sources, evidence, and details to back up your thesis.
  • quotes directly from your sources at least twice, uses the “quote sandwich” or a similar technique to integrate your quotes, and uses MLA style in-text citations.
  • includes a reference to the counterargument.
  • has taken logos, ethos, and pathos (the three appeals) into consideration.
  • uses tone, language, grammar, and sentence structure appropriate for your genre, audience, and purpose.
  • has been carefully proofread.
  • meets the required word count: at least 750 words!
  • includes an MLA style Works Cited page.
  • has been submitted on time.