Due: Tuesday, May 21

Length Requirement: (500-600 words)

We have arrived at the end of the semester! Now it is time for you to reflect on what you have done over the course of the last few months. For extra credit, you have the option to write a final reflection taking into consideration the three questions below.

Questions for your reflection:

  1. What have you learned about yourself as a writer this semester? How have you changed or developed as a writer this semester?
  2. Discuss what you learned in this class and how you might transfer this knowledge to other writing tasks, assignments, or situations either in college or in your community.
  3. In the course of your reflection, quote your own writing from at least two of your three major assignments. Choose quotes that illustrate something about your writing, the assignment, or the genre, and explain why you have included these particular examples of your writing.

Here are the grading criteria for this project:

Your reflection…

  • is thoughtfully written and has a point– it should have a structure with paragraphs (intro, 2-3 body, closing) relate to each other. The reflection should go beyond simply a list answering the questions above. It should express ideas in writing the way we’ve been working on all semester (ie. structured with a thesis, paragraphs with main ideas, use of evidence, etc.)
  • uses paragraph and sentence structure to express your ideas clearly.
  • includes details and examples that illustrate your experiences in the course.
  • has been proofread.
  • is 500-600 words.
  • is submitted on time.

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