Faculty: This Class Agenda post demonstrates how you can provide detailed information about each class for your students. It uses the category “Class Agendas” and can be found under Agendas in the site menu.

To construct this sample agenda, we selected the writing prompts and activities we wanted to use from the options on the Instructor Schedule and then divided the texts and prompts/activities into two days, envisioning a Monday/Wednesday class as an example. In this example, the agenda includes only writing the students are expected to do for homework– not the prompts for in-class activities. Depending on the modality and weekly schedule of your class, you may want to organize the material differently.

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Week 1: Course Overview & Discourse Communities

For Monday:


  • None! It’s the first day!


  • There is no writing due before class on Monday, because it’s our first day.

For Wednesday:



  • Write a paragraph discussing your academic and personal interests. If you have a major, what is it and why did you choose it? If you don’t yet have a major, what areas of study are you considering? What types of genres do you enjoy reading, listening to, or watching? Share any other information you’d like, including your pronouns.
  • Think about language and the different ways you communicate or speak. Choose a word or phrase that you use with one group of people (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) that would not be understood by a different group of people in your life. What is the meaning of this word or phrase? How would you explain it to someone who is an outsider?
  • Post your writing for both prompts as a comment on our Discussion: Introductions post.