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Please add a comment (approx. 100 words) to this post introducing yourself to the class.

  • Write a paragraph discussing your academic and personal interests. If you have a major, what is it and why did you choose it? If you don’t yet have a major, what areas of study are you considering? What types of genres do you enjoy reading, listening to, or watching? Share any other information you’d like, including your pronouns.
  • Think about language and the different ways you communicate or speak. Choose a word or phrase that you use with one group of people (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) that would not be understood by a different group of people in your life. What is the meaning of this word or phrase? How would you explain it to someone who is an outsider?

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Get to know your classmates by reading the comments!  Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Reply to one of your classmates’ comments.