Sites on the OpenLab

1. After you have created your site, you will often have to moderate and filter the comments that are made on the posts and pages on your site.  All comments made on your site are listed in a moderation queue accessible via your site Dashboard.  You can view these comments by going to your Dashboard and clicking Comments in the left-hand menu.

Managing Comments 1 screenshot

2. You can edit the settings for comment moderation (e.g., approving comments, holding comments for approval) by clicking Settings > Discussion in the left-hand menu.  Here you have the option of setting any of the following requirements for comments to be left on your site:

  • Comment authors must fill out their name and e-mail address before leaving a comment.
  • Comment authors must log in to leave a comment (i.e., Commenters must be logged in to the OpenLab.  This will limit comments to OpenLab members only).
  • Comments must be approved by a site administrator before they appear on your site. (Note: This is you if you have created the site, so if you expect lots of comments on your site, consider whether you want to approve each one.)
  • Comments will be held for moderation (i.e., approval) if they contain 1 or more links in the comment.

discussion settings screenshot

discussion settings 2 screenshot

Click Save Changes when you are done.

3. If you would like to disable, or “turn off,” the ability to make comments on new posts or pages on your site, go to your site Dashboard and click Settings > Discussion and then uncheck the box that reads, “Allow People to Post Comments on New Articles.”  Click Save Changes when you are done.

discussion settings 3 screenshot

4. Sometimes the comments that you receive on a post or page will be “spam” comments.  In this case, you can go to your site Dashboard and click Comments in the left-hand menu.  Check the box next to the comment that you would like to mark as spam, and then select “Mark as Spam” from the drop-down menu above the comments box and click Apply.  For more information about dealing with spam comments, see this post on the Open Road site.

mark comment as spam screenshot

5. You can also mark a comment as “spam” by hovering your cursor under a comment in the “Comment” column until a line of options appears underneath and then click Spam.

mark comment as spam 2 screenshot