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Week 1: Wednesday, 8/26 – Friday, 8/28

Introduction: Course Overview & Tips for Being an Online Student

By end-of-day Wednesday, 8/26:


  • Sign up for our OpenLab site class site: if you encounter problems, please email me at _____________.
  • Take a tour of our class site: be sure to read the introduction to the course, look over the syllabus, and open and review all course tabs/sections
  •  “Tips for Online Learning Success”  
  • Online Discussions: Tips for Students” 
  • Go here and sign up for your free subscription to The New York Times


Quick Comments

  • Go to my Discussion Question asking you to introduce yourself to the class and write a short response.

Micro-Activity #1: Introductions

  • Write a post in which you do the following:
    • List and discuss three pieces of information that caught your attention on the syllabus. These could be questions you have about grading or deadlines, comments on the online component, or observations about the chosen readings… really anything that catches your eye is fine. 
    • Write a paragraph (approx. 150 words) where you discuss any questions or concerns you have about taking an online writing class. You can mention anything that confuses or worries you. You may also discuss positive aspects (either that you’ve experienced or that you foresee) about online learning.  
    • Take the online technology survey

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