Internship Appraisal

What I like most about this internship so far are the people I work around. I enjoy working and having interactions with everyone around the school. I also take pleasure and pride on the projects I have being assigned, some of this projects need some research but my everyone is really helpful and many times on of them may had the answer, taking away some of the work off my shoulders. Most of my co-workers are young so I can relate to them very easily. It isn’t at all what I’ve learned in my classes, I do use some knowledge here and there but more often I either have to listen to what the principal needs, and also do some 15 minute research to further amplify my knowledge and apply it to the job I am working on, and this is actually something that I can see myself doing after graduation, downside is that sitting down for to long is very tiering.

The most challenging thing so far has been that I can’t type fast enough! I am working in this skill. I’ve gotten a little bit better over the last 3 weeks and can pick out the important information and jot that down, but I still feel I need to improve on this. I constantly sending emails and receiving emails from everyone, in a regular day I would have 20 to 25 emails just sending information, requesting a meeting or just checking in if there is any problem ahead.

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