Activity Plan

In the last two weeks I have been assigned the following duties that will occur over the course of the next 2 months. Is expected at times for me to take 3 to 5 hours working only on one assignment. Most of my duties must be completed the day that they have being assigned.

  • Open House brochures (English and Spanish versions)
  • Open House poster (dates of open house)
  • Redesign schools’ handout
  • NYPD Gang awareness poster
  • Parent teacher conference poster and brochure
  • Create and design an excel spread sheet for students’ information
  • Create an excel spread sheet for the principal (students’ classes and emails)

My supervisor, better say my two supervisors the Principal of the school and the Parent Teacher coordinator had told me that small projects may appear here and there. Just like to day I had to translate an email for a teacher. I do find it excited and magnificent to be helping around.

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