#2 synopsis + story board



Inside north east of Central Park, a woman walks through the park’s dark halls.


KELLY, A young Chinese lady, about 18 to 20 years old with long black hair, white dress and black shoes. Walks inside the park, suddenly a black figure appears and hugs her, her eyes are wide open while mouth starts to shake, she continues to walk through the park. Kelly hears steps behind her, she turns back quick and gasp, her body shivers after turning around there was nothing behind her. The light from the lamps on the road start to flick, she turns herself once again and continue to walk slowly. A glass bottle that was on the floor breaks, she covers her ears and tries not to screams. Kelly continues walking faster, when a shadow pass behind her and she turns around as fast as she could but there was no one there, once again a shadow pass behind her and she turns around faster also to find out that there was no one there. The wind starts to blow stronger, her hair is being blown away along with the wind. She began to run and starts to breath even faster, she walks up the stairs hold her hands together in front of her chest.


Go away, please go away.

As she reached the last stairs, a hand rises from the side of the last stair and grabs her leg, making her fall on her knees.


Please go away.

She stares to the floor, tears start to fall from her eyes, she gets up slowly and looks at a tree that is next to her. There is a silhouette of a girl standing on top of one of the branches, the girl jumps down to the floor, Kelly cover her face with both hands, she peeks through the middle of her fingers, when she looks down to the floor there was nothing there…



Kelly wakes up, she pushes her body away from her pillow and breaths faster.

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