#3 Sypnosis + Storyboard

A door is close from the inside, the camera rotates to the right side falling in the next open door. A man using a sky mask walks into the room after hearing the door closing, he holds a shotgun. There is two kids hiding under the bed next to theme there are boxes, that are barley covering them, on of the kids comes out of the bed and runs out the room. The man points at the door that was previously closed, he walks to the door very slowly when the door nob rotates as if someone is trying to open it. He loads his weapon stands firm and shoots at the door for about 6 times. He opens the door very slowly, there is a kid trying to hide behind a box his head is still visible. The man walks into the room, the kid raise his head slowly and stares at him. The men notice his weapon has no ammo and drops it he takes out a shoot gun. The kid that ran out of the room runs behind the men, the men turns around as soon as he heard the noise, the kid is pointing a gun to the men. They look to each other.



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