Activity Summary

The last two weeks have consisted mostly of training, and meeting staff members. I have had several meetings with my Supervisor & as well a few members that work around the school. They have been teaching me the ins & outs of the job. They have been teaching me about my responsibilities around the school and how to perform them. Each member has their own unique task this task require the knowledge of adobe programs. As I had work making posters, brochures. Further more, I have future task that they had already schedule for me. Some of this task have to be finish the same day or even within hours of being assign. I have learn now how to manage my timing, as I know in future weeks I will be working on 2 to 3 different projects at the same time. I have learn how to navigate through the adobe programs. Downside is that I have to bring my own computer as none of their computers have the programs that I use to facilitate the job.

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