Project 4: Details

Copy-and-paste your details memo for Project 4 into a comment made to this blog entry. We will use this document today to create the Structure document.

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  1. Samantha

    The story begins with Marco’s mom trying to put on his favorite shoes when she realizes they’ve gotten too small and its time for a new pair. Marco doesn’t like new, doesn’t like change and he wants to keep his worn and comfortable shoes. She tells Marco to go get another pair of shoes on and they’ll go to the shoe store and get him brand new shoes. [the choice to the user is: A. run and hide under his bed or B. Listen to his mom go get the shoes and come back] If the user chooses to run and hide his mom comes and finds him and gets the shoes for him and then they leave, if he just gets the shoes Marco gets gummy bears and they leave for the store. They drive to the shoe store and his mom asks him if he’s excited to get a new pair of shoes [the choice to the user is A. Yell No B. Cry C. say nothing] If the user chooses A. Marco gets a time out when they get home, B. Mom consoles Marco and he gets a hug and C. They just go into the store. When they get in the store Marco is overwhelmed and closes his eyes because to him the store looks like this big jungle and all the aisles of shoes look like trees and vines with all sorts of monsters lurking in them. The sales associate, Gregg comes over and asks what they’re looking for and his mom tells Gregg that Marco needs new shoes. Gregg happily points to the kids department but notices that Marco doesn’t look too thrilled so he asks Marco what’s the matter [the choices to the user is: A. Tell Gregg and have his help in navigating the “jungle” or B. Don’t tell him and Navigate the jungle alone] If the user chooses A. Gregg takes him on the secret path around the scary monsters right to the kids section if the user chooses B. Gregg leaves until later and Marco has to walk to the kids section without help. Once in the kids section Marco sees dozens of shoes on the wall and stands and looks around for something just like his old, favorite pair of sneakers. His mom starts picking out shoes she thinks he’d like and Marco says he only wants shoes like his old ones so his mom grabs Gregg and asks for the same kind but Gregg tells her that they no longer make them. Gregg tells Marco that there are newer cooler versions of his favorite shoe and with his moms permission Gregg takes Marco into the shoe stock room to explore the secret world of shoes. In the stock room Gregg asks why Marco only wants those shoes [the choice to the user is A. they’re cool or B. Explain in depth why he loves them, bc he’s gone on so many cool adventures at recess with them and they make him run and jump the fastest and highest] If the user chooses A Gregg shows him 4 similar styles if the user chooses B Gregg lets Marco try on the shoes and test out how far and fast he can run and jump and helps Marco understand that change isn’t scary and new shoes are great. Marco picks out an awesome white and red pair of sneakers with a swoosh on the side and excitedly runs back out to his mom to show her which he’s picked. His mom thanks Gregg and Gregg tells Marco he’ll see him right back here next time his foot grows.

  2. MariahRajah

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mariah Rajah
    Date: 04/03/2016
    Re: HTML Project Planning

    Hello Professor Ellis,

    My choice for this project is to create a story based on Tim and Mary (name change from previous post) and their baseball team. Jill play for the clovers baseball team which Tim has always wanted to play for. In the spring when tryout began Tim decided that he would take the chance to join the clovers and try out for team captain. Tim has always been a great baseball player and could even be a great leader but is scared to because he fears being like Mary. Mary was the team captain for 2 years in a row and no one has ever been able to take the spot from her even though she has cost the team the championship for those 2 years. The day for tryout come and Tim decides to a) stay home and not go to tryouts, b) goes to tryouts and throws up, or c) goes to tryouts and signs up for captain position. If he stays home he regrets the decision, if he throws up in front of everyone he gets made fun of however he makes the team but not as captain, if he does go to tryouts and signs up for the position he makes the team but not as captain. In the two situations where Tim makes the team he comes to practice prepared each day with his playbook ready to help his team but he sits there and lets Mary bully the team into playing how she wants to and how a team should really play. They run her plays, they follow her rules, and Tim is constantly benched by her because not even the coach has a say anymore.

    The season begins, and after a few games the clovers are withering in spirits and wins. Tim knows what he can do in order to make the team win but he sticks to sitting on the bench where Mary has decided he will stay. Until one day Mary pushes his team and best friend Bux. Tim has had enough and decides a) to throw his playbook at Mary and run home and never return, b) do nothing at all, or c) stands up to Mary. In both situation A and B Tim remains on the bench but if he chooses to stand up to Mary he is given the chance to replace her due to his teammates supporting him.

    When Mary leaves the clovers, Tim is now looked upon to be the new captain for standing up for Bux and finally taking a stand against Mary. But now Tim is unsure if he can fill her shoes, so when asked to be captain Tim a) says no because he is too scared, b) says he will think about it and decide by next practice but never shows up again or, c) steps up to the plate and becomes the clovers team captain. If Tim chooses either A or B he loses the chance to be captain once more but if he choose C he can assume a role he is fearful of but is ready to take the risk of. The clovers make it all the way through the season because of Tim and they have a real chance at the championship but Tim now doubts his abilities he knows the plays he has written is fool proof and ensures a will in the championship but he questions what will happen if he figuratively drops the ball, or literally drops the ball, he fears letting his teammates down. On the day of the championship, Tim calls the play against all odds and a) the team loses and is disappointed but does not blame Tim, b) The team loses and Tim blames the team for not doing a better job, c) The team wins and Tim’s confidence soars when he realizes what he can do, or d) the Team loses and Tim is still proud of himself because he was able to become a leader and take a risk. If Tim chooses A or B he fails himself as a leader in both his eyes and his teammates eyes however if Tim chooses C or D he is able to realize his potential as a leader and will continue to be the captain of the clovers.

  3. Pamela

    To: Professor Ellis
    Form: Pamela Drake
    Subject: Digital Storytelling – Project 4 Details
    Date: April 6, 2016

    Module Purpose:

    The purpose of this module is to help middle-managers give critical feedback to upper management by following a process of steps that will eliminate the fear giving criticism.

    Case Study – A middle-manager has justifiable concerns with the decisions of his boss.

    The manager feels that his boss is lacking in support for him and his staff and criticizes his boss in front of his peers. He puts his co-workers in the middle of his own personal conflicts with his boss and this makes them feel uncomfortable and unwilling to talk to him. How should the manager critically express his concerns without including his peers or creating a rift between himself and his boss? Should the manager ask his boss for a one-to-one meeting to discuss his concerns? Should the manager confront his boss in front of his peers or HR? Determining how to effectively offer criticism without seeming disloyal is the dilemma.

    Roger is middle-manager of a department that is understaffed and overworked. Previously, Roger has asked his boss to provide more staff or restructure the work but has not received any feedback of support. Roger notices that his peers from other departments are sufficiently staffed and given a lot of support. This makes Roger feel that there is a bias situation and he is critical of Mark, his boss. Roger feels he must voice his concerns but is afraid of criticizing his boss to his face. Therefore, Roger is talking about his boss to his peers. Roger notices that his peers are avoiding him and feeling uncomfortable around him.

    Roger has a right to request a change in his boss’ behavior as it hurts and upsets him. Remember that requesting change does not mean that his boss will change. If Roger suppresses his resentment, it could cause further problems with the relationship. Giving direct feedback to others about their behavior can be both loving and helpful. This feedback can be negative or positive. It shows you value the other person and your relationship with them.

    Choice A

    Roger has spoken to his peers and expressed how he is feeling about his boss. Roger is afraid to talk to his boss and express constructive criticism. Roger’s boss is also their boss and he has not showed any interest in Roger or the department he oversees. Roger’s peers have started to avoid him and tension is building. What does Rogers silence towards his boss mean? Can Rogers silence be misinterpreted by his boss that all is well within the office?

    Choice B

    Roger bypasses his boss and goes to HR to report his boss. He wants to have a meeting with a mediator involved and decides that HR will handle the situation. HR has reported the complaint to Roger’s boss and he is not happy with Roger. Is this fair to his boss? Is Roger’s action fair and reasonable? Was Roger accusatory?

    Choice C

    Roger requested a meeting with his boss in writing and has expressed his feeling to his boss. To do so, Roger first went to his boss to ask for a meeting. His boss wanted to know what the meeting was going to be about. Roger told him the meeting would be a project status meeting. His boss agreed to meet with him at a scheduled time. Roger has planned what to say in advance and is prepared for the meeting. What might Roger’s boss be thinking? What might Roger’s peers be thinking? If things don’t change, what would it take to have a positive outcome? Requesting change doesn’t mean that Rogers boss will change.

  4. jstephenson

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Jodieann J. Stephenson
    DATE: 4/6/2016
    SUBJECT: HTML Project Details

    JNN Networks Communications Intern- Louanne Thompson
    JNN Networks Anchor- Deborah Anderson
    JNN Networks Broadcast Director- John Michaels

    Approach #2
    For my second story, an intern starts working at JNN Networks as an Intern Assistant to the anchor Deborah Anderson. They work on a top secret for the past three months and it will go live in the next 48 hours. On the day of the taping, Deborah becomes ill and is rushed to the ER. The temp anchor tries to learn the topic and lines but struggles. Until the director ask the intern, Louanne since she knows the topic to come on camera and participate in the segment. At first she said no but then the director offered to pay for her graduate school tuition. She told the director she stuttered and his response was this is what you’ve been practicing for. Louanne does the segment and becomes a nigh anchor.
    Module purpose.
    The purpose of this story is help individuals overcome their fears, specifically their fears of public speaking.The plot of this digital story is revolves around an intern who shadows a anchor and is presented with an chance to change her life.

    Louanne Thompson is a twenty-one year old junior in college studying Communications. As a part of her Communications requirements for graduation, she must intern within the field of communication. Louanne finds an internship at JNN & Networks assisting big time Anchor Deborah Anderson. Louanne’s dream is to become a writer, specifically to write about the immigrant’s’ journey across the seas. One of the biggest things that hold Louanne back is that she has always feared public speaking. Louanne’s hope for this internship is that it will provide her with the necessary skills she needs to become a writer.

    In her third and last month of interning Louanne works with Deborah on a top secret project to expose a big time brand who identifies as a “organic” product. However, through intense research they have found out that over 75% of the product is inorganic. Deborah asks Louanne to sign a confidentially agreement to not disclose any of the findings. Louanne becomes one out of three who are brought on in to research the CSX Inc., an American cosmetics company headquartered in New York City. CSX Inc.

    Choice A

    Louanne does not sign the agreement and will not have the opportunity to work one on one with Deborah which will not give her a chance to learn the ins and outs of the business.

    Choice B
    Louanne agrees to sign the agreement and works closely with Deborah.

    Weeks go by and Louanne becomes Deborah’s right hand. She works late hours doing research and help Deborah in writing the transcripts and fact checking the data. Deborah even allows her to edit the script to make sure it is relatable across all generations. Working with Deborah, Louanne learns how to speak slower, while making sure to enunciate each words, she learns how to become candid and somewhat relatable in front of the camera.

    The big day approaches and Louanne decides to dress up for the interview instead of her usual jeans, t-shirt and zespa sneakers. She decides to wear a dress she was saving to wear for graduation. When she arrives at the studio, she helps with setting up the equipment, printing out the notes for Deborah, prepping the cue cards, and making sure everything is ready for when her boss arrives.

    It is now 3 hours until they begin filming and Deborah is nowhere to be found. She sees the director, John Michaels and begins to approach him. He notices her and starts to walk but his phone rings. There barely is any signal so he exits the studio.

    Roughly fifteen minutes pass and John returns completely frazzled. He tells Louanne that Deborah was in a accident and she suffered minor injuries but will not be in to make it. Louanne is in a complete and has to sit down. John explains the situation to Louanne who slowly begins to understand. To Louanne’s surprise, John asks her if she would be able to fill in for Deborah. Louanne quickly responds that she has a fear of public speaking and that when she is nervous she stutters. John tells her it would take about 10 hours for them to get another anchor to do the story and won’t have enough time to train them. Also, he mentions this is a topic secret project and they were the only three who were involved in the project. He tell her kindly that this is what she has worked her way up to this because she is the only one who is capable of sitting in for her.

    Choice A
    Louanne does not agree to sit in as Deborah for the recording and misses her chance to sit in as anchor on a major network

    Choice B
    She goes to cry in the bathroom and then sneaks out of the studio. In doing so she will not receive any credit and will jeopardize graduating on time.
    Choice C
    Louanne will agree to sit in as anchor for Deborah and overcome her fear of public speaking and stuttering. In doing so she will not only meet her college requirement but she will gain the confidence she needs and can start a career in journalism.

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