ENG3760 Digital Storytelling, SP2016

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ENG3760 Digital Storytelling, SP2016
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Spring 2016
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In our “Digital Storytelling” class, we will define what we mean by “digital storytelling,” learn terminology for understanding digital storytelling, create digital storytelling deliverables individually and collaborative, and develop your professional and technical writing portfolios with curated examples of your work. More specifically, you will:
• Explore what theories and strategies of digital storytelling;
• Create digital storytelling artifacts using a range of new media technologies;
• Tell fictional and nonfictional stories through engaging multimodal artifacts and interactive new media;
• Develop literacies for engaging, deciphering, evaluating, and creating digital storytelling artifacts;
• Collaborate, cooperate, and share your digital storytelling artifacts within a supportive discourse community;
• Build heuristics to enable your dynamic transition to learning other digital storytelling technologies as they emerge; and
• Integrate the composition process into your digital storytelling practices (drafting, revising, and reflection).

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