Project 5

Download the Project 5 assignment sheet from here or read below.

ENG3760 Digital Storytelling Project 5
Dr. Jason W. Ellis

For your fifth and final project in ENG3760 Digital Storytelling, you will have an opportunity to plan, design, and execute a collaboratively designed and built work of interactive fiction (IF) using Twine 2.0 ( Your team’s IF story can build on themes or ideas in your previous work, but it may not copy a previously created story.

Together, in a small team, you will proposal your fiction or nonfiction story, script it, storyboard it, create all supporting materials such as photographs, sounds, and video, and build it using Twine 2.0.

Responsibilities for portions of your project may be delegated, but the proposal document, which includes a story abstract, timeline, and responsibilities for each team member, must be written together using Google Docs and a PDF of this document exported as one of the project deliverables.

The scope of your work of IF must be greater than one of your individual HTML stories, but it does not have to exceed the total number of pages in your HTML stories combined. As you think about your story, you should consider the scope of the story that you want to tell and how you will use IF to do that.

Your team’s final deliverables, which will be posted as a single blog post on our OpenLab site, include:

  • A good title for your IF.
  • 250-word description/tease of your IF. This introduces your IF to an audience and should

    attempt to convince the user to play/read your IF. Consider the back of video game boxes

    as a guide for this genre of writing. Include all team member’s names.

  • Link to your uploaded collaborative proposal and schedule for the project. File type must

    be PDF.

  • Link to your completed Twine-based IF hosted online (you may use one of your

    webhosting accounts or find another hosting service for the IF).

  • Link to each team member’s uploaded individual reflection essay of 250 words

    explaining how you used the affordances/constraints of Twine to tell your IF story, and how your individual contributions supported the overall goal of your team. File type must be PDF.

    Your schedule will be designed by you on the first day of the project. The only set date is the date your project comes due and will be presented by you during a 10-20-minute presentation with all team members talking about the project overall and each member’s individual contribution. The final due date is Monday, May 23.