Project 4: Planning

Over the weekend, you wrote your Project 4 planning document. Please copy-and-paste this document into a comment made to this blog post. We will use class time to work on the next step in the project.

4 thoughts on “Project 4: Planning

  1. MariahRajah

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Mariah Rajah
    Date: 04/03/2016
    Re: HTML Project Planning

    Hello Professor Ellis,

    Last week, you proposed to us our fictional HTML digital storytelling project and as a beginning step to initiate our thinking process of two stories of which we would like to execute that follows our theme from the past podcast project: fear, specifically for me the fear of leadership. The first story that I would like to bring to life in this digital story project would have to be the story of a little boy by the name of Tim who is having a hard time on his softball team. Tim has always been good at softball and knows how to play and make plays very well but because he is afraid to lead his team because of Jill who is a bully and refuses to listen to anyone but herself. Although, he knows this he also hesitates to step up to lead because he fears after possibly getting the chance to lead he will fail the team even if he knows in his gut he can get them to be a better team and work together. In the end Tim takes the team from Jill and the team is able to win their first game and because of Tim become a stronger team than they ever were. I propose this story choice because it allows the audience to see how important it is to trust in oneself, and that trying to be a leader means sometimes taking a risk as Tim did.

    My second idea for a story is, having Lisa a new employee sit in on her weekly office meeting. Every week Lisa goes to work with a list of ideas which she knows can make the office run smoothly but chooses never to speak up because she fears having to lead a team. She does not want to drop the ball or be held accountable for any mishaps and because of this she sits back in each meeting. One day however Linda takes the lead in a meeting and proposes an idea which Lisa knows will lead to more problems. It is here where Lisa steps up and takes the role of a leader. She speaks her ideas, trusts her gut that her idea will be the better option, and asserts herself even though she fears the role she has placed herself in. This choice of story allows the audience to see that being a leader comes from taking risks and setting aside all fears.

    For this project, my choice would have to be the story of Tim and Jill and the baseball team. I believe this story is fun, engaging, and allows to share the idea of how successful leaders come to be. This story can also be changed in such a way that when given the choice to participate in the story, a user will be given different choices that either allow them to have Tim become a leader or to stay in his current role.

    I hope this reaches you well. I look forward to your input on this.

  2. Samantha

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Samantha
    Date: 4/4
    Subject: Project 4 plans

    Option 1- Little Marco is afraid of change he doesn’t like it at all. So when its time to pick out new shoes for back to school hes reluctant. He doesn’t want to give up his old shoes even though theyre worn and sees the shoe store as this scary place filled with monsters. As marco navigates the shoe store help him defeat the scariness of change and pick out a brand new pair of shoes!!

    Option 2- Patty is a creature of habit, she walks the same way to and from the train station everyday, she buys the same perfume, wears the same hairstyle day in and day out. Familiarity is her best friend. She doesn’t seek out anything outside of her norm but one day her job tells her theyre relocating and shell either have to go with them or loose her job. Resistant to new places and change help patty decide if she should stay or if she should go!!

    I choose option one. Though theyre both viable ideas I like the first one because I feel it has more possibilities for engagement and because its centered around the ideas of a child it will be more widely enjoyed and related too.

  3. jstephenson

    To: Professor Jason Ellis
    From: Jodieann J. Stephenson
    Date: 04/04/2016
    Subject: HTML Project Planning

    Hello Professor Ellis,
    For project number 4, which is a HTML project there are two possible stories that I interested in executing that aligns with the theme of the podcast project on fear, PTW Podcast Series: Public Speaking/Stuttering.

    Approach #1
    For my first story I’m imaging the story to be created around a young girl who is shy and is suffering from stuttering and public speaking. There is an upcoming school competition and her English teacher enters one of her work in the competition. The young girl Loueann is chosen as the winner and has to read her work in front of the entire school. Through many sessions of talking with her teacher, she develops confidence and reads her submission and receives standing ovations and applause.

    Approach #2
    For my second story, an intern starts working at JNN & Networks as an Intern Assistant to the anchor Debrah Anderson. They work on a top secret for the past three months and it will go live in the next 48 hours. On the day of the taping, Debroah becomes ill and is rushed to the ER. The temp anchor tries to learn the topic and lines but struggles. Until the director ask the intern, Loueann since she knows the topic to come on camera and participate in the segment. At first she said no but then the director offered to pay for her graduate school tuition. She told the director she stuttered and his response was this is what you’ve been practicing for. Loueann does the segment and becomes a nigh anchor.

    I think I will end up going with approach number #2 because it is a unique story line that I would like to explore and develop the story.

  4. Pamela

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: Pamela Drake
    Date: 4/4/16
    Subject: Project 4 plans

    There are two possible scenarios that I have conceptulized that aligns with the theme of the podcast project on fear, PTW Podcast Series: The Fear of Criticism:

    Scenario 1 – A middle-manager has justifiable concerns with the decisions of his boss.

    The manager feels that his boss is lacking in support for him and his staff and criticises his boss in front of his peers. He puts his co-workers in the middle of his own personal conflicts with his boss and this makes them feel uncomfortable and unwilling to talk to him. How should the manager critically express his concerns without including his peers or creating a rift between himself and his boss? Should the manager ask his boss for a one-to-one meeting to discuss his concerns? Should the manager confront his boss in front of his peers or HR? Determining how to effectively offer criticism without seeming disloyal is the dilemma.

    Scenario 2 – A woman’s boss criticizes and berates her in front of her co-workers. Although his concerns are justified, his delivery is destructive.

    The woman feels belittled and intimidated. Should she quietly comply and just take the criticism? Should she stand up for herself and tell him what she thinks of his actions knowing she could lose her job. Should she ask for him to take it outside to discuss her concerns calmly and professionally? Should she report him to HR or try to work it out on her own? Determining how to accept the criticism while disagreeing with the delivery is the dilemma.

    My Choice:

    I have decided to go with scenario 1 because it is a situation not often spoken about but a problem that many people deal with. It is a situation that could go well or end up causing a rift and must be handled professionally.

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