Archiving “Rock Bottom: PTW Survival Guide”

This is an archive of my fictional digital story entitled Rock Bottom: PTW Survival Guide. The film is to help not only Professional and Technical Major students here at City Tech but also other college students. In order to achieve this, I tried to execute a script that was both relatable and entertaining. I hope you enjoy.





The experience of creating this YouTube digital story was insightful a few distinct ways. First to start off with, I have made videos before but never have I produced one in the sense that every decision I made before, during, and after shooting this video was carefully thought of. When I wrote the script for Rock Bottom: PTW Survival Guide, I wanted my language to be able to reach students in the major but also to be understandable and relatable to all college students. I wanted the video to be shareable and I believe I was able to capture that in the humor I created with the storyline and to some effect showcase my knowledge on participating structures. Although, I probably could have executed some of the scenes better I believe that the overall production was quite effective. The choice to make short scenes on Snapchat incorporated my learned knowledge of how attention structures work. I also incorporated and to my knowledge effectively showcased character arc as well as a strong plot, and good overall story structure in the allotted time for this project. Reflecting now, I can say my biggest takeaway from this project is how each detail affects the over process and progress of developing and producing a story. In this case, the script effected the filming, and the events to arise from filming changed the overall outcome of the move. This process has taught me that when producing a story, the structural components that come before are just as important as the execution of the movie itself. As I continue to create digital stories I hope to take these learned aspects and cultivate them even more.

Analytics :

Before having to delete my YouTube channel for specific reasons my video received 11 views and 2 likes. My overall engagement increased over 100% and I was able to gain 3 new subscribers.


Note all characters, concepts and ideas are solely of my creation. 

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