Team Work Makes the Dream Work- A short video about the perils of interning

This is a short fictional video about interns learning to work as a team to get a task done. They’re not used to working together or sharing the lime light so they agree to separate the work and just stick it all together at the end. They come to find that this isn’t productive as the pieces of the project rely on the other elements to be effective and cohesive. Through some persistence and encouragement they manage to share the work and get it done surprising even the boss with their job well done.



This project was really fun and engaging from the start, though at first I had no idea what I was going to do or how I’d carry out any idea I came up with. I finally settled on the idea about a lesson in team work because A its something I hate doing and B something I’m learning about in another class of mine. I aimed to make it funny but clear enough that users would be able to clearly identify the purpose. I wrote it for a general audience so someone who was 4 or 44 could use and understand it, I kept it simple. I shaped it to have a 1 2 3 structure, Problem, chaos, solution. I didn’t want to over complicate or crowd the main idea where it was too long and unappealingĀ to watch. The most difficult choice for me to make was to have the characters voice the script or to make it a silent movie. Being that I was working with minions and they’re known for not having “human” voices I elected to do a silent style movie with simple sound effects. I think the sound effects add to the humor and make it light to watch, over all I would say the video has a simple and easily achieved goal. I believe the video though super low budget and simple gets the point across, its not too long or complicated and the subtitles are short and easy to read.



Based on the analytics of my YouTube video I would say strictly numbers based it flopped. Thats not to say though that in three weeks it could have hundreds of views. I think it has its purpose, though that may be limited to industries or even classes that focus on group work 4 views in 1 day is pretty cool being that nobody really knows its out there. I would like to keep publishing videos maybe of different genres to see if they have similar or completely opposite results to compare to this one.


DISCLAIMER: The Minions are a trade mark of DISNEY, I do not own the minions and I did not create any of the figurines in this video.

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