K.I.S.S. – Keeping It Simple May Not Be So Simple After All

This movie highlights the importance of good communication skills and what can happen when things are not clear. Good communication skills are key to connecting with other in life, work and relationships. Without effective communication, the true meaning of a message and can turn into error, misunderstanding, and lead to frustration.

Good communication is when both parties understand the same message and meaning.


Making this short movie was fun yet challenging. Coming up with an idea was really hard because I know so much but could not think of one idea right away. I kept waiting for some magical inspiration to define my movie. I think if it was something I was constantly thinking about, it would have been easier but spent many hours just brainstorming.  After a while, I decided to think about what I already know and decided to use communication skill—the subject of one of my blogs—to formulate an idea.

Once I established a concept, it was easy to come up with an idea for the script. Deciding to use only two people was necessary to show how communication can become confusing and taken out of context. Also I thought it was good to include that we should not take anything for granted when communicating but question whether a connection has taken place.

As my original photos of Barbie and Ken dolls were not accessible, I decided to use PowToon. I found it easy to use and create content and story. The little animated figures were quite easy to set up but my biggest challenge was the timing. Having set the images first made the timing difficult to coordinate. If creating another video, I will narrate first and set the images to the narration. I also learned how easy it is to upload a video on YouTube and present is a viewable content.

The process has taught me that it take planning to create a video and that it is important to look at each part of the process before filming. The challenge of making a video that people will want to watch and make sense yet short and simple has helped me to build my skills. Also using a storyboard was instrumental to the process.


My video has 11 views and I have four subscibers to my YouTube channel. In order to get this video to be more visible, I have added tags and shared it with friends.



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