750-Word Expanded Definition

750-Word Expanded Definition

TO: Prof. Jason Ellis
FROM: Rosario Garcia
DATE: 12/16/21
SUBJECT: Expanded Definition of programming

The purpose of this document is to explain furthermore about programming and the definition of it. “The process of writing and testing computer programs.” [1] Learn more explain about programming and software development. The term that the programming I defined is developing and create computer program. I defined software developing is create application when different coding language. How programming help in figure out ways to different to use different strategies methods solve problem quickly. How programming is a way to use problem-solving skills. That programming has made different ways to think and solve the problem. Make you think that there is more solution than one to a problem. Both program and software development have improved today and now in society it gives large impact to help business manage and do any tasks. The way the article express how programming is a method use problem-solving and other skills. “Identify and fix process-related problems, the measurement programs.” [2] At the same it identifies how software development is large part apart from programming in general. “Software development involves many processes, and measurement enables us to characterize, control, predict, and improve those processes.” [2] They mention how that software development able to have control the process of their own programs or project. On the other, programming they do deal with coding and the knowledge program there a limited for them in coding. Programming can be used in the real- world help area that need problem solving. The article explain more about software development is Measuring and Improving Agile Processes in a Small-Size Software Development Company. How software development benefits companies it a work in progress. Explain about the benefits of improve coding and help to learn more about coding in general. How software development improves their company in expand the (SME). How software development improves during the years continue to improve company. The other article I choose is Enhancing Confidence in Using Computational Thinking Skills via Playing a Serious Game: A Case Study to Increase Motivation in Learning Computer Programming for programming. I think that programming means to create and build code for applications. “Software development, understanding development performance and product quality.” [3] “A specific programming language so that they can develop their abilities in solving problems before they start programming.” [3, page2, line2] They need to choose the type if code that they want to choose before starting to program the software. They in the third article source how software development and programming are view in two different way they both related back to computer and create new programs. “These metrics significantly improve management of such processes as task estimation and bug fixing, which are crucial in rapid software development of high quality and stable software.” [2, page 5, section 5] It important to fix because if there any bug that aren’t fix, it failed to run the software and create program to the software. Software development requirement critical think but also problem-solving. Figure out different method of solutions to a problem. “This new version of the game will also provide an improved visualization for programming constructs. As an example, players will be able to use the decision-making construct in a variety of ways depending on how they want to overcome challenges.” [3 , pg19] They mention in the article how they need use programming for a visual game to improve the virtual the game. Programming how the game will work and test the programming language run on pc or it mobile friendly well. Plan how the challenges and figure how the multiplayer run on the software/game run well the users interact in the game. Everything revolves around the type of programming language to use and make sure it smoothly. It like running a software program check for any bugs or adjusted needed their always need attention the coding also the mechanic part of a program looking d entire software to see the entire picture. Even programming is a small part of the software developing. It the programming is the base for a software developer since it the beginning of the project.

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