500 Word Summary

TO: Prof. Ellis
FROM: Rosario Garcia
DATE: 12/10/2021
SUBJECT: 500-Word Summary of Pandemic Parallels: What Can Cybersecurity Learn From COVID-19?

The purpose of this summary is to discuss the issues that the happen during the pandemic. How cybersecurity is important to learn about now in time during the pandemic everyone have been in remote using more technology. It mentions the pandemic there was different challenges since everyone needs find ways to use cybersecurity and protect our technology from cybersecurity threats.  “With COVID-19, there is still uncertainty about the efficacy of certain countermeasures or treatments, while in cybersecurity, some still insist that safeguards, such as antivirus software, do more to degrade the system performance than they do to protect.”[page 2 paragraph 9] It compares both how cybersecurity and COVID-19 they are virus, how they can change over time we need to figure out ways to protect from the covid-19. Learn how to safeguards the technology and how to understand the basic like strong passwords and use anti-virus software. It important to build knowledge more about cybersecurity learn how it protect learn how it works. It important that the people understand the need to know about cybersecurity learning way to protect your privacy and information online.  “Similarly, basic cybersecurity safeguards (for example, using antivirus software and strong passwords and not clicking on suspicious attachments) apply across numerous systems and services but also vary depending on the context (for example, work versus home).” [page 2 paragraph 4] It very information to continue stay up to date on the latest software and on top change password recommend every 3 months but need to have double authorization better to notify the user verification it them login and not anyone else. Cybersecurity mean is to learn how to protect your privacy but also information yourself more protecting you on the internet. How to inform yourself from the cybersecurity also figure out ways to prevent any threat from you. “The pandemic has demonstrated that messaging should be part of a framework of protections. However, that wider framework must be ready to handle the result of effective messaging.” [page 4 paragraph 22] “Given the parallels, cybersecurity can learn valuable lessons from the COVID-19 messaging response. One could argue that we’ve seen more effective large-scale messaging and enforcement of safeguards with COVID-19 precisely because it poses a greater risk.” [page 4 paragraph 25] Even though the situation that we are in is bad situation it happens that we should take it as learning lesson. Even though we can recover though the pandemic and cyberattacks there just something that permanent can’t be undo, it makes to continue put guards up and stay safe. Follow the methods or steps to prevents getting sick or the spread the covid-19, for cybersecurity is to stay o top the update and keep devices and technology safe from virus-free by only trusting secured sites.

[1] Furnell; Steven, et al. “Pandemic Parallels: What Can Cybersecurity Learn from Covid-19?” IEEE Xplore, IEEE, 15 Mar. 2021, https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9378909.

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