Great Resume Addition for Technical Students: Radio Technician License

Ronald Hinds sent me the following information that I wanted to share with you all in the class:

Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
Get Your Amateur Radio License
Garden School Amateur Radio Club
Do You Want To:
Talk around the world
Talk with Astronauts
Help your community in times of Emergency
during earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes
Serve as a trained Spotter for the National
Weather Service
The Hall of
Science Amateur Radio Club in conjunction with the
Garden School Amateur Radio Club will be holding a
Technician License course where you can learn
everything you need to earn your Technician (Entry
Level) FCC Amateur Radio License. Depending on the
class size it should take from 8 classes to complete the
course. The Technician License is your gateway to the
world-wide excitement of Amateur Radio… … and you do NOT need to learn Morse Code!
Find out more on their official website here:

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