Project 1

Project 1: Workplace Research

Following MLA format, write a 750-1000-word report on what it is like to be an employee in the career that you intend to pursue. Your report must have quoted material from these sources: an interview conducted by you in person or by email with someone with knowledge of your industry, an article from a library source discussing your industry, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook ( More sources are encouraged after these three required sources are met.

Percentage of final grade: 25%

Tentative Project Schedule

Feb 9, Interview Report

Feb 16, Library Research

Feb 23, OOH

Mar 2, Draft Writing and Organization of Your Research

Mar 9, Peer Review (bring 3 printed copies to class)

Mar 16, Submit final draft on OpenLab

To submit the final drafts of your work on this project, you will create a new post on our OpenLab site. Title it: Workplace Research for [Your First and Last Name]. In the body of your post, write a 100-150 word introduction that tells the reader who you are, what you are studying at City Tech, and what kind of job is the focus of your research. Enter a blank line (hard return) and Add Media/Attach your Workplace Research documents. After attaching your files, click “Publish” in the upper left.

Of course, you will want to thoroughly proofread your work before the final due date on the syllabus. I encourage you to circulate your work with your classmates to receive peer review feedback. If you rely on your eyes only, you will likely not produce work of the caliber required for a successful job application portfolio.