In-Class Writing Assignment

For today’s in-class writing assignment, you will have an opportunity to summarize the article that you brought for today using only the most common ten-hundred (1,000) words.

We will discuss:

Write a 100 word summary of your selected article using only the 1,000 most common words. For the content of your summary, use Monroe’s Simple Writer linked above to draft your sentences, which you can copy and paste into your Google Doc. After you’ve completed your summary content of 100 words, add a memo header TO/FROM/DATE/SUBJECT, and an APA style citation of your article at the bottom. Post your assignment into a comment made to this blog post.

16 thoughts on “In-Class Writing Assignment

  1. Leonardo Calegare

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Leonardo Calegare
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment, 100-Word Summary Memo

    This is about the way people think of people from far away. In our days, we have some people that have a fear that others not like them can create not a good living for them because others are different and live in a different way. This feeling of fear gets bigger when you know even less about other people of the world and your ways of knowing about others are very few. In the land of wine and love, a woman is calling to this fear to her own people so that she can be the leader of that country. The same happened here in our country and the man in power today still brings that feeling, which is bad for simple people that are good to each other.

    Lopez, O.. (2017, May 05). The (far) right stuff: can a sputtering economy and fears of ISIS lift France’s Marine Le Pen into Elysee Palace? Newsweek, 168(16), 26-29.

  2. Shirley

    TO: Professor Ellis

    FROM: Shirley Adelson

    DATE: May 18, 2017

    SUBJECT: Most common ten-hundred (1,000) words

    This paper with words is about people who help pay for your visits to see a doctor. These people who are paying for you to see your doctor do not want to pay anymore. Some of those people are leaving the center where the give the help to pay for people in all the different places because there are not getting a lot of money anymore. This problem will cause other people who are paying for you to see a doctor to ask for more money from you. There will not be a lot of help from these people who help pay for you to see a doctor.


    Murphy,T. (2017). ACA exchanges grow thinner with Aetna leaving for 2018. Modern Healthcare. 6-7

  3. demi

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Demi Huang
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing: Most Common 1,000 Words Summary

    This piece of writing is about a man who was taken by police and not allowed to leave for the killing of a young person back in 2005, a cold-case that the police had not been able to figure out. They have now found the possible killer, and are set to bring him into a room with a higher figure, who listens to what the police and the person speaking for the possible killer has to say. The possible killer was already being held in a room with bars after being brought in 6 months ago for being the possible killer of a 17 year old student back in 2004. The police group’s leader of people who try to find people who have done bad things has said that there is a big chance that this possible killer of two may actually be a person who has killed many others.

    Feuer, A. (2017, February 23). Man held in cold-case death of one teenager is accused of killing a 2nd, The New York Times, A20.

  4. Daniel

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Daniel. O. L
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: Randall Monroe’s xkcd web comic

    In the year 2014 the problem of making not real things was seen in the US. Computer parts, with a lot parts that go into it, that was made for cars was made by people that was breaking the law. The person making the not real things to be placed in the cars also changed certain parts that showed someone far away the car’s information. This is a troubling thing if not real things were to suddenly stop working causing a car pile-up. Another problem of these not real things creates an opening for certain people breaking the law through computers to be allowed in a person’s computer.

    Tehranipoor Mark, Guin Ujjwall, Bhunia Swarup (April 2017). Invasion of the Hardware Snatchers: Cloned Electronics Pollute the Market. IEEE Spectrum

  5. Chauncey Dumaguing

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Chauncey Dumaguing
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment

    There is a news piece that talks about people creating a piece of machine that will help many people. Made by the company that has the most power over the big computer system joining smaller computer systems together all over the world, this piece of machine would further the changing of said company. This piece of machine is to be used with the big computer system joining smaller computer systems together so as to allow people a service that will give them the right to use a system that gives out space to place things in the big computer system joining smaller computer systems together. The company believes that this piece of machine would be able to bring in more money for the company along with the paid notices they have. However, the piece of machine’s future is joined by the good endings it can create and how much money needs to be spent on it for people to buy.

    Metz, C. (2017, May 17). Google rattles the tech world with a new AI chip for all. Wired.

  6. Leane

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Leane Valor
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing – Simple -Writer Exercise

    How people feel about doing right or wrong may show how they will care about their work and people they work with. When person is able to feel bad about what is done, even if no one knows about it, it shows that that person have strong feeling of care for others. Businesses lose a lot of money when their workers steal or do not come to work at all. Before the new worker gets a job it is important for the person who talks to that possible worker to pay attention to the sense of right and wrong that person is showing. People who show no feelings about doing something bad or wrong usually turn out to be trouble makers at work.

    Cohen, T. R. (January -February , 2017). The morality factor: overlooked in previous models of personality, moral character turns out to be the key in predicting job performance and leadership potential. Scientific American Mind, 28 (1), 32-38.

  7. luisvasconez23

    To: Professor Ellis
    From: L. L. Vasconez
    Date: May. 18, 2017
    Subject: In-Class Writing Assignment.100-150 Words

    This Explains the reason why people that check if we are going to have a storm, are trying to find ways to check how bad the storm is that can cause turning circles of high winds. . The computers they have now can tell you up to 13 minutes before a circle of high winds appears. Jamey Jacob is trying to find a way to let us know when it’s going to appear up to one hour before by using small flying computers. This flying computers will fly where the storm is happening getting information and sending it to a close by stations where they can see it the storm would most probably turn into a circle of death.

    Fecht, Sarah. (May 1, 2017). How drone swarms could help protect us from tornadoes. Popular Science, 10-13.

  8. Anelsy R

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Anelsy Rodriguez
    DATE: 05/18/2017
    SUBJECT: Write a 100 word summary using only the 1,000 most common words.

    this paper is about the power of our hold is very important because the power in our body start in our hands. In this paper, Pineau who knows about control power says that, “it stage most body power groups you use and most effort you do”. in the paper she also mentions that there are three simple hold which are over hand, neutral, and under hand which is in form, and life, this one is the one that we use it more. It is not hard to boots our power hold. One of the lead that we can find in the paper to do it is to hold power training grabbing a weight plate between our finger and fingers and walking around.

    Emerick, Jaclyn.(May, 2017). “What’s so important about grip strength?”. Shape On It. (36)70

  9. kangyiliu

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Kangyi Liu
    DATE: 05/18/17
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment

    This talks about a train system that won’t let a train to hit the other train, this system can avoid trains hitting each other by put in a system that can tell train driver if trains are near to each other. many companies used a thing to make the system. trains hitting each other happened maybe because of train itself,or human. there are many people work on this system, however, none of these idea can make the better system. Such as, a company in east side made a system which, used earth position system to track the position of the train.

    IBRAHIM, D. D. (2017, JAN). Train collision detection system. Electronics world, 122/123, 14-16.

  10. Isaiah

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Isaiah Emanuel
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment

    The person who fixes stories tells about a train family that has 147 years of train history behind them. One of the family members became well known in the 1970’s for saving a train. His train past goes back to 1870 when his great-great grandfather was a track worker. His father held a job with a high position. His son followed the family’s foot steps by working in the train field after college just a his father and his father’s father has. The person who fixes stories has known of father’s, mother’s, sister’s, or brother’s that say that train work is very hard.

    Wrinn, J. (2017, April). All in the well-trained family. Trains, Vol. 77, No 4, pg 5.

  11. Zeeshan Ahmad

    TO: Professor Jason W. Ellis
    FROM: Zeeshan Ahmad
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: 100 words summary using only the most common ten-hundred (1,000) words

    This is about finding easy ways of getting true numbers of the thing use to find the change in the thing that runs round and round. First, power on the thing that runs in circle, wait for it until it reaches to its full form, and find its numbers in more than 24 position when only the pulling back of earth works on the thing, and take mean of all numbers. Find out the problems in the thing using its own ways of finding problems in it. Add all the numbers together, and find the mean. After looking at the normal numbers and the numbers after finding problems, the true number is taken.

    Rohac, J., Sipos, M., & Simanek, J. (2017, December).Calibration of low-cost triaxial inertial sensors. Instrumentation & Measurement, 8(6), 32-38.

  12. Jozef

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Jozef Loderer
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In-Class Writing Assignment

    It has gotten much harder to be living in the shadows, and hiding from the forces with rights to send you back to a country where you might have been born, but have no future. Churches, colleges and local groups have discovered new ways in helping those in need, and have learned from the past how to win cases. The ones needing help have also learned, and have teamed up with local people willing to help. It is sad that in today’s world people have to fear to go outside or to work, just because the powers do not want you here.

    Sanctuary Cities Movement. (2017). In In These Times online. Retrieved from

  13. Win

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Win Naing
    DATE: February 23, 2017
    SUBJECT: 100 Word memo using only the most common ten-hundred words

    The writers wrote how he feels driving very large earth moving cars for fun. A group of people allows visitors to drive these large machines for few hours if they get paid. It was a large land which people can drive these big cars freely. Someone will teach them before they start. The author tried to drive one with earth moving stuff fitted on it. He to control the movement by a stick like driving a flying machine with turning wings on the roof. He saw some people hit a small car into pieces by using this big machines.

    Dean, J. (2017). Get Ready to Rumble. Popular Science, 3 (6), 44-49

  14. sjm

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Steven Mathieu
    DATE: March 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: In- Class Writing Assignment, 100-Words Summary Memo

    There’s a company that has created a information place, when small business can receive information on how to be safe towards computer world free from fear. This small company wants to make sure that business within the country as well as the people in this business are very well safe from Cybersecurity.The reason behind the need to keep small business safe from hackers is because Cyber criminals are becoming very better in the way hacking into systems. Huge companies such as Sony, Target, and Anthem are being taken down by computer and in return they become famous for their actions.

    Olenick, Doug. (2017, May). FTC launches cybersecurity site for small businesses.

  15. sonja

    TO: Professor Ellis
    FROM: Sonja Goulbourne
    Date: 5/18/2017
    SUBJECT: Summarize article using only the most common ten-hundred (1,000) words.

    With bad news spinning in the news every day about the Trump campaign supposed plan to collude Russia, the conversation has quickly turned to talks about impeachment.

    In this piece, written by Charles Savage of the New York Times, he begins with a short run-through of the story so far. Of most interest is the firing of F.B.I Director Comey last week. This move by Trump kicked off a new shit storm around the case. The writer also goes on to question what it actually means to remove the President from power and the steps needed to realize this dream. As stated in this piece, there are no set laws for impeachment, however the House must first hear and decide to move forward and then the issue is sent to the Senate for a vote.

    Savage, C. (2017, May). How the Impeachment process works. New York Times. p. A15 Accessed on May 15, 2017

  16. Ronald Hinds

    TO: Professor Jason Ellis
    FROM: Ronald C. Hinds
    DATE: May 18, 2017
    SUBJECT: Personality, Temperament and Technical Communication

    People who write may be a part of a layer who gather information. They bring strong and not so strong points to their job. Some are out-going persons and some are not. Both of these special groups share a love for writing and a need to pass on what they know so that others may understand. While those who are not out-going like to work behind closed doors the out-going ones like to walk the halls of the office and sometimes give their time to serving others. One group likes to see everything in writing, while paying attention to small points, the out-going writers like face to face meetings and/or phone calls.

    Whitlow, S. ”How to Spot an Extroverted Technical Writer and Other Mythological Creatures.” intercom. February, 2017.Volume 64|Issue 2.

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